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Abbreviation Guide

The universe of Battlelords is filled with abbreviations and acronyms that can be confusing to the uninitiated.
Here's a one-stop-shop for AB, AL, AGL, AMC, ARM, ARSAP, BC, BRI, BW, CLD, DD, EWS, HP, IM, MD, ML, Mod, P, ROF, SB, SC, SS, SSDC, and a hundred more. You get the idea.

Battlelords FAQ

The complex world of Battlelords creates many questions. This section attempts to sort out some of them. This FAQ is a living document, and as such, we have moved our stogy, old FAQ documents to this Wiki. If you've got a question, search for it here, or post your own. We'll try to eventually answer it... we swear... on Orion honor...

Blood Dawn FAQ

If you've got a question about Blood Dawn, check inside.

Edition Guide

Back by popular demand, the edition guide. There have been several editions of some of our books, especially the main rule book. Here they are all listed, along with any pertinent notes.


We love making mistakes, and better yet, you pointing them out. As Donk the Ram Python would say, "Duh, spelling... What that mean? Hey, neat shiny thing. Can I smash?" Our products improve the most with your help, so, please, help us keep track of errata. Point and laugh all you like. We sure do.


It's a (insert naughty word of choice) huge Universe out there. How do we keep it all straight? It starts with this Glossary. Here you can find place names, famous NPCs, Mega-Corporation descriptions, stat definitions, slang terms used by the denizens of the Battlelords universe (as well as the authors of the books), and a whole lot more. Terminology links within the WIKI will often be redirected to this glossary. Feel free to add any terms, phrases, places, names, you feel needs a quick refresher definition.

How does armor work?

Armor, the most important thing on the battlefield in the Twenty-Third century. Guns might be able to kill your opponent, but so can your fists. What saves your life: ARMOR. Only armor can ultimately save your life because cover doesn't last forever against incoming fire. So how does armor work? Step inside for answers.


A collection of reference sheets and other SSDC games resources.