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House Rules


Battlelords and Blood Dawn desktops.

Fan Art

You asked for it. You got it. How do you picture the Battlelords Universe? Wether you are a budding artist or a professional, you can upload your Battlelords art here.

Fan Photos

Do you have a picture of you enjoying Battlelords? Post it here.

Novels and Stories

There are lots of people out there who have created stories, of varing length, set in the Battlelords universe. Share your stories here.

Fantasy Grounds Ruleset for Battlelords

This is for the development of a ruleset for the Virtual Table-Top Online gaming program, Fantasy Grounds, from SmiteWorks. This is where progress, who's helping, wants to help, and any suggestions can be found.

Battlelords Collectible Card Game (CCG)

Got questions about the Battlelords Collectible Card Game? Step Inside.

Battlelords of the Twenty-Third Century Links

Blood Dawn Links