Equipment Expansion

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Share all your equipment break-throughs here. Whether it goes ka-boom, ka-thunk, or ZAP. It has a home here.

Locked and Loaded

This is the section for everything that goes Ka-Boom in the night (or during the day). Share your new lasers, juicers, grenades and anything else that reduces body points here.

More Engines

From automobiles to skimmers, from sail barges to tanks, from ultra armor to submersibles. Share your vehicles here.

Armor Me Up, Baby!

This is the section that lets you survive whatever the BM throws at you. Add your new armors, helmets, and armor options here.

More Machine Than Man

Tired of the same old flesh? Need a little help targeting your BS-2? Trade in your compromised flesh for something a little more durable. This is the place for adding computer upgrades or cybernetic enhancements.

Miscellaneous Equipment

Need something better than your Document Atomizer? That Bug Zapper not slicing and dicing those pesty, disease infected Thera 4 mosquitoes to your satisfaction? If you've created something more sinister or effective than listed equipment, share it here.


Strange objects abound across the galaxies. Some have been found on wasteland planets. Others have been hidden in the sewers of the great metropolises. Others have been produced by fringe scientists and never mass-produced. Whatever constitutes an Artifact, it is rare, valuable, and often dangerous. What have you discovered?