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This page is for tracking Errata in SSDC products. If a major errata is no longer present in the current edition, please do not remove it completely, but instead insert a note such as (Corrected in current edition) before the errata. Note: simple typos which do not affect the rules should not be noted on this page.

Battlelords of the Twenty-Third Century

Rules in this book may have been superseded by other books.

  • p. 31: Eridani: The Eridani ability is the the same draw bonus as the Quick Draw armor options (eliminates the half action required to draw a weapon). The Eridani version only applies to AHW.
  • p. 67: Zen Chemical SMR: The Chemical SMR for Zen Rigeln is 18.
  • p. 88: Alien Technology salary: The listed salary should be 60,000 instead of 6,000.
  • p. 88: Swimming Skill: The listed maximum skill level should be 8.
  • p. 90: Spacecraft Primary Skill: The primary skill for Spacecraft piloting should be IQ.
  • p. 90: Transicruiser Piloting Skill: The Transicruiser skill has been removed from the game. Large vessels are piloted using Spacecraft Piloting; smaller vessels utilize the Fighter (Deep Space) skill.
  • p. 100: Transicruiser Piloting Skill: The Transicruiser skill has been removed from the game. Large vessels are piloted using Spacecraft Piloting; smaller vessels utilize the Fighter (Deep Space) skill.
  • p. 106: ELE & EMP clarification: The Protection (Hydraulics) armor option has long since been eliminated from the game, as they basically did the same thing as Protection (Servos) armor options. Ironically the new edition of the main book still refers to EMP attacks shutting down your Hydraulics. Hydraulics are now synonymous with Servos.
  • p. 145: Strikeforce Body Comp: The StrikeForce body computer comes with a CC of 200, not 100 as stated in the text example.
  • p. 263: Gemmenryth: 17 PP
  • p. 267: Lance, where is my gun?: The H&K CAWS fully automatic shotgun Lance Goodfellow is armed with can be found on page 14 (stats) and page 47 (description) of Lock-N-Load: Weapons & Tactics. If players wish to use a weapon from the main Battlelords of the Twenty-Third Century rulebook, an equivalent weapon is the Pancor Shotgun on page 119 (stats) and page 125 (description) and two extra plasma grenades.
  • p. 269: Frolish: 14 PP
  • p. 274: Archetype Zen SMRs: The SMRs listed for Ashlidene should be as follows: Chemical: 28, Radiation: 33, Biological: 55, Mental: 20, Poison: 18, Sonic: 45, Electricity: 50, Fire: 30, Acid: 25, Cold: 70.
  • p. 274: Ashlidene: 16 PP
  • p. 274: Kronoth: 76 PP
  • p. 278: Prone targets: The +30 modifier for shooting at a prostrate target is only applied if the attacker is standing (or elevated above the target) and in range bracket 1.

Beyond the Rift

  • p. 84: Whe Heal Cubes: Heal cubes work just like MBRIs, repairing critical hits and healing damage - except they aren't addictive. They work by generating the "Repair Object (Complex)" matrix on whatever they touch. Just like the Repair Object (Complex) matrix they contain, the cubes require 10 minutes to "generate / warm up", but heal all damage instantly at the end of that time. Once the cube is unwrapped and touches another object it begins to "warm up" and generate the matrix. At the end of the generation time the cube "heals" whatever it is touching. Just make sure the medic keeps the cube's wrapper between him and the cube or he'll be healing himself and not the patient! The down-side to the heal cube is that it will expel any cybernetics from the area healed returning it to its "original" pure biological state. Only Razaa Jump Sticks heal wounds instantly, but those have significant side-effects.
  • p. 70: Klee "Shooter" Dust Gun: The damage for the shooter should be 6-60 (6d10).
  • p. 86: Energy Fields(Aktai): The THR should match how many points the field has.
  • p. 107: Matter Control Advancement Table: This table was inadvertently left out of the book. It is available at [[1]].
  • p. 142: Mazian Advanced Hand-To-Hand Table: This table was inadvertently left out of the book. It is available at [[2]].
  • Effective Range Table: This table was inadvertently left out of the book. It is available at
  • FREE ADDENDUM: [[3]]

Blood Dawn

  • p. 28: The Bloodscape: The email address given is incorrect. Mail questions to, not
  • p. 40: 2nd column: Maynard's bonus is +4. His chance should be 11.
  • p. 42: Agility: The bonus given on the table applies both to agility-based skills and to attack rolls with hand weapons. IM corresponds to initiative modifier, not attack bonus. The bonus for an Agility of 29-30 should be +5.
  • p. 43: Constitution example: Because Maynard rolled a 5, he can continue running.
  • p. 43: Death's Door: Non-Prophets have their Death's door rating halved. A non-Prophet with a 5 Constitution should have a Death's Door of -7, not -12 as stated in the text.
  • p. 50: Special Abilities: The skills given are only for Giants from the Kentucki tribe.
  • p. 65: Special Abilities: The skills given are only for White Witches of the Northern Realm.
  • p. 66: Mutations: The Point Cost (PC) of Skull Nodules should be +100. The Point Cost (PC) of Susceptible to Disease should be +300.
  • p. 70: Archetypes: Any archetype, which is listed, as having "3 BRI" should be read as having "3 Healing Potions".
  • p. 71: Druid: The Druid's "Steel Axe" should be a Flayer axe.
  • p. 82: Snake Charmer: The Snake Charmer's "Dagger" should be a Stiletto.
  • p. 83: Urban Miner: The Urban Miner's "Broad Sword" should be a Broad Sheath.
  • p. 90: Communication Skills: The Jatir and Tata Drum skills do not exist.
  • p. 91: Physical Skills: The Maximum Level (ML) for body points should be 5.
  • p. 91: Robotics Skills: These skills do not exist in the Wastes of Blood Dawn. Characters cannot start with these skills.
  • p. 98: Swimming Skill: Although entries appear for skill levels 7 and 8, this is an error. You can only learn up to level 6 Swimming.
  • p. 98: Hand-to-Hand table: The entry in the 'Hit Bonus' column appears in error. The attack bonus is +1 per level of skill. The base damage for hand to hand combat was inadvertently left out. Humans and druids inflict a base of 1 point of temporary damage. Giants cause a base of 1 point of real damage. Ghouls inflict 1-4 points of real damage with each claw; their bite causes 1-3 points of real damage. The base chance to hit in hand-to-hand combat, before skill, agility, and situation modifiers are added, is (1-10 on a d20).
  • p. 102: Weapons Skills: All melee weapons use the Hand-to-Hand skill table (p. 98) to determine chance to disarm and damage bonus. The attack bonus for all weapons is +1 per level of skill. To determine number of attacks, see page 108.
  • p. 106: Hit Location: The armor locations, which hits correspond to are given as the first phrase in the critical hit table.
  • p. 108: Archaic Hand Weapons: Examples 1,3, and 4 contain errors in calculating number of attacks. In Example 1, the Human is wielding a Soul Cleaver and gets 2 attacks per 3 seconds. In example 3, the Giant can attack 3 times per second with his longsword. At level 20, he would be able to attack 6 times per second. In example 4, the mutant should get 2 attacks per second with his Legionnaire and 1 per second with his California Cudgel.
  • p. 111: Spell Combat: Initiative should always be determined by using a d20, not a d10.
  • p. 112: Continuous Absorption: Continuous absorption has no effect against non-concussive attacks.
  • p. 112: Enigma Absorption: The terms "Enigma Absorption" and "Magical Absorption" are interchangeable.
  • p. 112: SR Table: The "CHE/ELE" SR should be a "CHE/BIO" SR, or chemical/biological SR.
  • p. 113: Example: The numbers in the example are wrong. Additionally, the references to "Resurrection Roll" should say "System Shock."
  • p. 114: Critical Hits to Civilian Vehicles: There is no critical table for vehicles. Game Masters should ad lib vehicle combat, which will be covered in a future supplement.
  • p. 115: Vehicle vs. Vehicle Combat: There are no hit location tables for vehicles.
  • p. 121: Note: This note should be ignored, as it is not allowable for starting characters to purchase 3rd state spells.
  • p. 121: Spell Advancement: The maximum level a spell can be learned up to is level 10. Characters are considered to start with level 1.
  • p. 121: 2nd Column: The first example refers to the chart above, which actually appears below. Additionally, Jill needs 50 points and does not advance in Battery.
  • p. 122: Power Point Advancement: Even though Jill has 101 points, it only requires 90 points to reach Master of the 2nd Energy State. Additionally, starting characters are already Master of the 1st Energy State.
  • p. 123: Power Sources: The Power Sources table is missing. (See “Power Source Effect on Spells” below)
  • p. 126: Displacement: The base chance at level 1 is (1-12 on a d20).
  • p. 139: Locate Arrow: The Seed Price Guide is missing. The prices per usage should be: Vision Root 3/dose, Clearwater Lily 5/lily, Spinal Creeper 10/vine, Ironroot Shellac 10/dose, Snarlthorn Seeds 12/packet.
  • p. 143: Locust Swarm: The duration should be 1 day.
  • p. 146: Range Brackets: Range bracket 1 should be 00-05 yds, not 00-50yds.
  • p. 147: Dagger: The SOTA dagger (State of the Art dagger) was left out of the book. Its stats are as follows: IM -2, Chance to hit at Range 1: 11, Parry: 1, SS: UB, ROF: 2, DAM d4+1, TV 20.
  • p. 147: Swords: The numbers appearing in range bracket 2 for the first three rows should be in the Parry column. Additionally, the California Cutlass was left out of the book. Its stats are as follows: IM+1, Chance to hit at Range 1: 14, Parry: 10, SS: UB, ROF: 1, DAM d8, TV 140.
  • p. 147: Crossbows: The Sportsman Classic should have ROF 1/3, Q 6.
  • p. 148: Firearms: No firearms should have an IM column. All range brackets have been shifted to the left, with the exception of Enigma Weapons. For example, a Farmer's Musket has chances to hit of 14/12/10/8/2.
  • p. 148: Breech Guns: The Desolator has a SS of 19 and a ROF of 1. The Doc Holiday has a SS of 20, a ROF of 2, and a RL of d4. The Soul Exchanger has a SS of UB and a ROF of 1. The Tallahassee Equalizer has a SS of UB, a ROF of 1, and a RL of 2d6. The Thunder Palm has a SS of 20, a ROF of 1, and a RL of 2d4.
  • p. 148: Rifles: The "AK-67" should be the AK-80.
  • p. 148: Enigma Weapons: The Impaler should be the Vindicator.
  • p. 149: Armor Tables: There is no key given for these tables. THR = Threshold, CA = Continuous Absorption, MA = Magical Absorption (or Enigma Absorption). AI = Armor Integrity.
  • p. 149: Production Armor: "Puff Suit" should be Cage Suit. “Plastic" should be Colonial. "Garbage Can" should be Steel Jacket.
  • p. 149: Enigma Armor: "Angel Cloth" should be Guardian Cloth. "Angel Shawl" should be Guardian Shawl. "Shoulder Pads" should be Torso Pads.
  • p. 149: Homespun Helmets: "Link" should be Metal Shag.
  • p. 149: Production Helmets: "Puff Helm" should be Cage Helm. Steel Pot has no description in the text, but it is just a steel pot.
  • p. 150: Equipment Tables: The key for these tables appears on page 167. This is an error.
  • p. 150: Ammo: Powder Bag should not appear on this table. It appears on the Gunshop table. All costs on this table are given per bullet. Any text to the contrary is an error.
  • p. 158: Comp. 90: The effective range is 750 yds.
  • p. 162: AK-80: The reference to AK-47 ammo means there is a lot of AK-80 ammo available. The gun uses the same ammo as its predecessor, the AK-47.
  • p. 162: Deerslayer: The effective range should be 40 yards.

Power Source Effect on Spells

Distance Effect
5 miles Area of effect is increased to 125% of the norm.
3-4 miles Spell output is increased to 125% of the norm.
2-3 miles Spell range and duration are increased to 150% of the norm.
1-2 miles Spell output is increased to 150% of the norm.
881yds – 1 mile Area of effect is increased to 150% of the norm.
441-880yds Power points are doubled.
101-440yds Spell output is increased to 200% of the norm.
51-100yds Spell range, duration, and area of effect are increased to 200% of the norm.
0-50yds Spell output is quadrupled.


  • p. 73: Devast-8: Devast-8 has an anti-missile system with the same stats of the Condor AMS, which is no longer in the current version of the Lock-N-Load books. Use the stats for the Balshrom Umbrella LAMS with a Digiton Battle System radar package instead. Both are featured in Lock-N-Load: Armor, Equipment, & Cybernetics.

Engines of War

  • p. 2: Artists: Richard Jeferies
  • p. 2: Editors: Tom Javoroski
  • p. 25: Sensor Array: The last sentence should read "In addition, apply all penetrating damage to the section's integrity."
  • p. 30: Repair table: The cost to repair a skimmer reactor should be listed as 5,000 - 150,000.
  • p. 43: Peregrine: The Weight of the Peregrine should be 1,085kg. The Max Weight should be 1,575kg.
  • p. 66: Levus: The Top Armor AI for the Levus should be 46; The Bottom Armor AI for the Levus should be 47.
  • p. 87: Ultra Armor Hit Locations: The ECM of any Ultra Armor is considered to be integrated with its Torso Sensor Array. Therefore, it is disabled when all 3 Sensor Arrays on the torso have been disabled, or when the reactor is destroyed. The Ultra Armor's radar system is also integrated with the Sensor Arrays.
  • p. 88: Ultra Armor Equipment (general note) A component which does not have a listed location should be assumed to be in the torso section of the Ultra Armor. The pAI and the theater interface system are always within the theater location (they are never hit by a "Torso Internals" roll). If a component does not have listed BP, it is disabled or destroyed when damaged (BM's discretion as to replacement or repair).
  • p. 89: Armadillo Gun Turret: The Sprint Batteries should be listed as Sprint Batteries (legs).
  • p. 95: Legend: The range for the Legend Ultra Armor should be 950km. The first Digiton Missile Rack listed under equipment (carrying 15 Saylon Warheads) is mounted in the anvil section.
  • p. 97: Rhyno: The Sprint Batteries should be listed as Sprint Batteries (legs).
  • p. 98: Scamp: The Encasement missile racks are mounted on the rear legs of the Scamp. The Sprint Batteries should be listed as Sprint Batteries (legs).
  • p. 99: Scamp-II: The Encasement missile racks are mounted on the rear legs of the Scamp-II.
  • p. 103: Impact Lasers table: The Impact Lasers table contains the information for Impact Laser Cannons. The Impact Laser Cannons table is correct. Please use the following table for Impact Lasers:

TYPE 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 MN ROF Q DAM SZ WT COST
BC-Violator+ 123 75 55 45 - - - - 100 1 50 4-16 1 5 90,000
Range Hound V 138 110 97 81 57 - - - 100 1 50 4-16 1 5 175,000
RKM 5000V 139 107 105 55 20 - - - 99 3 75 4-16 1 6 325,000
Drexler-V 123 60 - - - - - - 100 6 90 4-16 1 6 550,000
Range Hound G 133 106 104 79 56 - - - 99 4 200 4-16 2 24 750,000
Lancer V 140 128 127 111 94 77 62 - 100 1 50 4-24 1 10 800,000
Crusader-E 123 111 105 88 71 54 39 - 100 1 50 6-36 2 20 1.1M
Crusader 128 116 110 93 76 59 44 - 99 1 50 6-36 1 10 1.6M
Excellcior 135 120 109 94 78 59 49 37 100 1 100 6-36 1 12 2.1M
Able Dancer V 136 93 80 70 61 - - - 100 3 90 5-30 1 15 3.0M
Excellcior 3 130 116 106 92 77 59 49 37 99 3 300 6-36 2 40 6.4M
BC-Screamer 134 90 25 - - - - - 100 5 40 10-80 1 15 7.0M
Force-VX 122 87 67 57 36 - - - 96 3 90 10-100 1 8 8.5M
Super Force 120 75 60 - - - - - 96 2 50 10-120 2 20 12.5M

  • p. 107: Computers table: Some entries were inadvertently left out of the Computers-Vehicle table. Please use the following entries in addition to the table on p.107:

Relecon 150/250 5 3 V 75 4 2,000
Relecon-2 150/250 6 4 V 90 2 2,250
Reliance 80/130 4 2 V 60 5 950
SC-2 75/325 5 6 V 75 2 1,000
Sentinel 300/900 6 10 K,V,D 90 5 5,900
SFV-1 200/700 5 8 K,V 75 5 2,650
SkimComp 60/110 5 1 V 75 0 800
VC-1 20/- 5 1 V 75 0 225
VC-3 250/1,000 5 12 K,V 75 8 2,500
VCX-2 500/1,250 5 8 K,V 75 9 9,500
Veliton 1,000/5,000 7 20 K,V,D 99 2 22,000
XC-1 50/100 6 2 V,D 90 0 700

  • p. 108: Flux Shield table: An entry was inadvertently left out of the Flux Shields table. The Advanced-3000+ Flux Shield has a Rating of 30HP, Size of 2, Weight of 84, THR/BP of 50/80, Max Size of 400, and costs 5.35 million credits. This is the shield unit used on the Alorre Ultra Armor.
  • p. 115: Cobalt Tensor: The Cobalt Tensor is a Heavy missile because it can be used by any vehicle mounting a Heavy missile rack. While it functions as a Surface to Air Missile, it is not an integrated launcher/missile system. Therefore, it is correctly listed under Heavy missiles and not under SAMs.
  • p. 125: Military Equipment Availability table: The price of the Mini Phase Nullifier should be listed as 750,000.
  • p. 127: Camouflage Unit: The second sentence in the description of the Camouflage Unit should read: "The main unit must be mounted in the torso section (4 spaces), and 1 space is used per limb." This makes the description consistent with the table on page 109.

Galactic Underground

  • p. 4: Kizanti Displacement Skill: Has a PS of Intuition.
  • p. 14: I-Bot Deep Space Operations Package: The Transicruise skill has been eliminated from the game.
  • p. 46 & 48: Fighter (DS) Primary skill: The Fighter (DS) Piloting skill should have a PS of Manual Dexterity.
  • p. 46 & 48: Spacecraft Primary skill: The Spacecraft Piloting skill should have a PS of IQ.
  • p. 46 & 53: Transicruiser skill: The Transicruiser skill has been eliminated from the game even though they appear in the table and as a description.
  • p. 61: Transicruiser skill: Transicruiser appears in the text, even though it was eliminated from the skill table on p. 48. The Transicruiser skill has been eliminated from the game.

Galactic Underground 2

  • p. 119: Ashanti Medals & Awards: Gem of Thought: This 3-carat sapphire is awarded to those individuals who show tactical insight during the heat of battle. The medal provides a +20 bonus to the character’s Loyalty Base, and increase the character’s Charisma by 05 points when dealing with those who are under his direct command. Promotion Points: 10, Charisma Increase: 05/05*, Prestige: 0.5, Value: 450
  • (Corrected in the Current Edition) p. 12: The Ashanti's Military Leadership modifier should be +30, not -30.
  • (Corrected in the Current Edition) p. 18: The Furbl -20 Charisma is a typo; it should be +20. They are actually 36+d12 inches and 30+d6*10 lbs. So average Furbls are 1-2 size class.
  • (Corrected in the Current Edition) p. 18-19: The Furbl's starting skills should be as follows: Level 4 Acrobatics, Level 6 Climbing, Level 5 Survival (arctic tundra), Level 3 Tracking, Level 3 Stealth; 50 skill points. Ignore any text which contradicts this information.
  • (Corrected in the Current Edition) p. 21: Gemini starting money: 9d6x100
  • (Corrected in the Current Edition) p. 24: The starting height and weight of the Ikrini are incorrect. Use 60+2d6 inches and 110+5d10 lbs.
  • (Corrected in the Current Edition) p. 31: The dates for J. Phentari's life events are backwards from 121 AD to 22 AD. This strongly implies that the dates 121 AD, 45 AD, and 22 AD should be BC dates.
  • (Corrected in the Current Edition)p. 45: Swimming Skill: The listed maximum skill level should be 8.
  • (Corrected in the Current Edition) p. 61 (near there): Gemini Matrix Advancement Table: Here's a link to the table, for your full use. [4]

Galactic Underground 3

  • p. 46: Result 05-07 refers to 5 levels of History. Should be 5 levels of General Knowledge.
  • p. 75: Result 41-45 refers to 2 levels of Bureaucracy. Should be 2 levels of Administration.

Hell's Kitchen

  • p. 28: Says that Krakeds don't use slaves at all; this contradicts the history section of Misha in No Mans's Land (NML). NML is the correct version, Krakeds do take Misha slaves.


Lock-N-Load: Armor, Equipment, and Cybernetics

  • p. 21: Body Armor Table: Ceramic armor's Cold SMR should be 110.
  • p. 24: Armor Servos: Only Heavy and MBA armor has servos. Light and Medium armored suits (commonly referred to as body armor) do not have servos and will not "freeze up" when hit by an EMP of Thunderbolt Generator. That doesn't mean you still can't fry the heck out of any electronic systems built into that section of the armor or any armor options in the section of the suit with when using an EMP or T-Bolt against body armor!
  • p. 26: Hansen Armor AMM System: The Anti-Missile Missile system on the Hansen armor has a ROF 1. Though the missiles are less expensive and have a shorter engagement range than the missiles of the AMM armor option, the system has a far better tracking system (as evidenced by the 105% hit rate). Like the Anti-missiles fired from the AMM armor option, these anti-missile missiles have a 100% chance to destroy any incoming threat they hit, including reflex missiles, heavy missiles, anti-tank missiles, arm rockets, grenades, rockets from rocket launchers, artillery shells, mortar shells, PMS missiles, and PMS2 missiles.
  • p. 38: BMH-Ultra: BMH-Ultra should cost 160,000 cr and have an enc of -30 due to the built-in heavy belt.
  • p. 39: AMM Clarification: The AMM armor option is described as being a tracking unit, plus 10 mini-missiles costing 2500 ea. The Encumbrance listing of 2 is only for the launcher. The 10 missiles add an additional 5 to the characters Encumbrance (0.5 ENC per Missile), bring the total up to 7 for a fully loaded launcher. As the description states, the 25,000 credit cost is for the launcher and the tracking system. The cost of the missiles is NOT included, so a full load of 10 missiles would cost another 25,000 credits, bringing the total cost up to 50,000. Benevolent Battlemasters may give characters a full load of missiles with the purchase of their AMM launcher. Though the launcher states it is shoulder-mounted, technically that’s considered the “chest” for space allocation. Because "No other units may be housed in that section of the armor" and characters have only one chest (though some may argue otherwise) a character may only mount a single AMM system.
  • p. 39: What can an AMM target? Rockets, missiles, artillery shells, mortar shells, PMS missile, PMS2 missile, or grenades hit by an AMM are automatically destroyed (100% kill rate). Only an AMM system can kill incoming grenades, LAMS will not target grenades.
  • p. 39: Auto Minelayer: Auto Minelayer says that each leg holds 10 mini-mines (1000 cr each) for a total of 20 mines in the standard configuration. You may purchase this option for only one leg at 500 cr each, but that limits the Q to 10.
  • p. 42: Magnetic Deflection Generator: Magnetic Deflection Generator will NOT work against reflex missiles, arm rockets, rocket launchers, SAMS, or anti-tank missiles/rockets.
  • p. 45: Mixing Absorption: Types of absorption can not be mixed in the same section of armor. Regeneration absorption must be installed in every section of an armored suit.
  • p. 45: Systems Repair Unit: This system still takes time to make the repairs. The BM will have to estimate the Difficulty Level of the repair to determine the amount of time it will take to accomplish.
  • p. 47: Balistex Arm Rocket: The range is 320m, not 120m
  • p. 47: Maximum range of Missiles & Rockets: For ease of game play missiles and rockets are assumed to be "in the dirt" when they reach their maximum effective range and no longer airborne.
  • p. 47: Saylon: The range of the Saylon missile is 50km, not 5km.
  • p. 48: LAMS: LAMS should note that each LAMS shot is fired separately, unlike normal automatic weapons fire. The point of having multiple shots is multiple chances to hit, not a chance to hit 1d6 times.
  • p. 48: LAMS vs. AMM: Laser anti-missile systems (LAMS) can be used to target anti-missile missiles, which are approaching the LAMS (they will have the same Radar signature as an Arm Rocket). Typically, the LAMS will destroy the AMM before it has a chance to hit its target because the laser from the LAMS system is assumed to reach its target instantaneously. AMMs that are hit are destroyed 100% of the time.
  • p. 48: LAMS vs. Compact Artillery and Mortar Shells: Laser anti-missile systems (LAMS) can be used to target compact artillery shells and mortar shells. Because these shells are hardened with withstand the tremendous punishment of being shot out of a mortar or cannon a hit from a LAMS has only a 25% chance of destroying the shell.
  • p. 48: LAMS vs. Grenades Clarification: Only AMM systems can target grenades and engage grenades and grenade-like objects. A LAMS will not fire on grenades or similar thrown objects because they do not have the RADAR signature of a missile.
  • p. 59: Nanoids: CD = Construction Difficulty. CC of constructs is equal to the CD x 10.
  • p. 61: Street Clothes armor: The distribution of absorption for shirts is listed as 20% per arm and 40% in the chest and abdominal sections. This should read 10% per arm, 40% in each of chest and abdomen.
  • p. 68: Combat Shield: The 3rd sentence under the armor option shield, should read; "Also, any attack that strikes the arm bearing the shield must penetrate the threshold of the shield before doing any damage to the user."
  • p. 69: Missile Arming Ranges: In the General info section (Missiles), it states that the minimum arming ranges for arm rockets and reflex missiles are 2m/10m/25m respectively. The 25m is for Heavy missiles, which appear in Engines of War.
  • p. 74: EV-1 Mole: The cost of the EV-1 Mole is 100,000 credits not 20,000 credits as listed.
  • p. 76: Pre-fab Bunker: The unassembled bunker consists of four sides, a roof, and a floor section that are strapped together on a pallet when not in use. Each wall section is roughly 4 meters long and 2.5 meters high. When assembled the bunker looks like a flat-topped pyramid. If more than one is purchased the bunkers can be joined together in a variety of floor plans by inverting every-ever bunker. A single bunker can comfortably hold number of individuals with a combined Size Class of 32, or a maximum of 64 if everyone crams in standing-room only. The bunkers have viewing slits and weapon ports, which can be closed off with metal plates (same stats as the wall of the bunker). The bunker is not environmentally contained or furnished.
  • p. 80: Cases: The cases on page 80, which include magnetic proof, shockproof, waterproof, and "super" models can all hold multiple items as long as the total ENC does not exceed 2.
  • p. 95: Mini-Missile Pack: Treat as Cybernetic version of the Mycroline rack with 12 Interfon arm rockets. The Mini-Missile pack does NOT carry NARC Reflex missiles. It can, however, be loaded with any Arm Rocket of your choice after removing the included Interfon arm rockets. It is not usable with any Reflex missile.
  • p. 118: Index: In the index "Personal Defense Shields 50" is listed twice

Lock-N-Load: Reloaded

  • p. 35: Displacement Weapon Pricing: The pricing listed on some of the weapons is incorrect. The correct pricing is listed below:
    • Xile: 60,000 credits
    • AD-214: 160,000 credits
    • Xpulse: 200,000 credits
    • Xpulse 2: 325,000 credits
  • p. 65: Shot shells: Artillery can not normally engage targets in Range Bracket 1 or 2. However, Compact Artillery with a accuracy of "-" in range bracket 1 and/or 2 is assumed to have an accuracy of 00 in those range brackets when using Shot shells. Remember that the Compact Artillery still incurs a -40 penalty when used in "Direct Fire" mode.
  • p. 73: Ammunition: Mortars: The grenade-conversion can be used for mortars and compact artillery, as implied by our use of compact artillery shell names in the description. The description should state: Any grenade that is “launch-able” and has an ENC of 2 or less can be obtained as a "85lb compact artillery shell or a 81mm mortar shell." Any grenade that is “launch-able” and has an ENC of 3 or less can be obtained as a "mini-howitzer compact artillery shell or a 110mm mortar shell."

Lock-N-Load: Weapons & Tactics

Note: All material presented in the Lock-N-Load: Weapons & Tactics overrules previously printed materials

  • p. 2: Credits: Keith Klee and Tom Javoroski were accidentally omitted from the credits page. They should be listed under editors and contributing authors. Our apologies.
  • p. 12: Archaic Hand Weapons Table: The Naj should have a Parry rating of 10. The Nunchaku should have a Parry rating of 30. The Ti-Jabat should have a chance to hit at Range Bracket 2 of 30.
  • p. 23: Fundamentalist Laser: DAM for Fundamentalist Laser should say “spec.”
  • p. 25: Anti-Tank Missiles Table (sorting): The sorting of Anti-Tank missiles is wrong; Bonoir is more expensive but does not appear at the bottom of table.
  • p. 25: Anti-Tank Missiles Table: The ROF of the Kanath-3 and Javelin should be 1/21.
  • p. 25: Personal Missile Systems Table: The ROF of the Sental should be 1/24. The ROF of the Pershing-2 and Ballistic-8 should be 1/21.
  • p. 27: Neuro Cannons Table: The Q and Damage listing in the Neuro Cannons chart have been switched.
  • p. 27: Boa Omega Weapon: The Q for Boa omega weapon should be 15.
  • p. 30: Climax PAWS: The Climax PAWS should have a RB 7 chance to hit of -35.
  • p. 31: Goop Gun: The ROF of the Goop Gun should be 1/3, not 1/2.
  • p. 37: Blaheeli: The Blaheeli should have an ER of 20.
  • p. 38: Blowgun: The Blowgun should have an ER of 25.
  • p. 38: Emp: The Emp should have an ER of "var".
  • p. 38: Fanwal: The Fanwal should have an ER of "var".
  • p. 40: Sling Shot: The Sling Shot should have an ER of 30.
  • p. 40: APWs & Heavy Armor Clarification: The rule about .50 caliber (12.7mm) or larger weapons affecting heavy armor ONLY applies to Rifles and Machineguns. Pistols, Shotguns, and Submachine guns do NOT affect heavy armor at all UNLESS they specifically state otherwise in the description.
  • p. 41: ASP 20: The ASP 20 can utilize a Mrs. Fusion to power its electric motor.
  • p. 41: Machine Guns Availability Table: The TL range for XM307 and XM3120 should be 4, not 3-4. These are Tech Level 4 weapons, illegal on TL 3 worlds.
  • p. 52: A/R Beam Optional Rules: The rules for moving a target with an A/R beam have been published in Lock-N-Load: Reloaded on page 31.
  • p. 53: Which armor options are metal? Information on which armor options are metal has been published in Lock-N-Load: Reloaded, in Appendix B on page 85. Rules for removing metal armor options with an A/R Beam are on page 30 of Lock-N-Load: Reloaded.
  • p. 54: Chainguns: Chainguns should appear under the Archaic Powder Weapons heading.
  • p. 55: Chain Guns: Tactics to Practice:. The Tactics to Practice section indicates that because Chain Guns are APWs that they won't affect heavy armor. This is false. Chain Guns DO affect heavy armor.
  • p. 54: 20mm Ammo Backpack The cost given for the 20mm explosive backpack is 24,000; however, 500 rounds of 20mm explosive ammo should cost 50,000cr (based on p.32 table). Therefore, the correct backpack cost should be 55,000cr.
  • p. 55: Vixer 30mm Chaingun: The Vixer lists the ROF in the description at 25 rounds per second. This should be 7.
  • p. 64: Explosives: All damage caused by the explosives on page 64 should be considered concussive, unless otherwise noted. This rule ONLY applies to explosives. For explosions in general, or exploding missiles or munitions damage is reduced by THR and AR unless otherwise noted. More information on this topic will be published in Lock-N-Load: Reloaded.
  • p. 69: General Info (Missiles): In the General info section (Missiles), it states that the minimum arming ranges for arm rockets and reflex missiles are 2m/10m/25m respectively. Take out the 25m; this was for Heavy missiles before they where removed.
  • p. 70: Falling rules: The falling rules presented with GEWs replace the falling rules in the main book.
  • p. 84: Impact Lasers Availability Table: The Super Force availability should be "U"
  • p. 85: Machine Gun Lasers Availability Table: The Tagert 10 should be TL 4-5; RKM 10G should be TL 4-6; XR-20 should be TL 4-5; RKM 50G should be TL 7; Octagon should be TL 7; Able Rage should be TL 7
  • p. 98: PMS Clarification: PMS missiles are standardized in size and shape. They contain no guidance systems, as these direct fire weapons simply fly from point A to point B in an arc. The launcher uses its built-in guidance system to aim the missiles before firing. The launcher must have line-of-sight to the target. The missiles can not follow targets once launched or deviate from their original flight path.
  • p. 99: Rocket Launchers: Ignore the aiming time calculations in the Example, they are incorrect. Use the standard aiming rules presented in Battlelords of the Twenty-Third Century.
  • p. 99: Rocket Launchers: Rocket Launchers use the Hand and Discharge Range Brackets, not the Missile Range Brackets.
  • p. 110: Pulse Cannons Availability Table: Deception 3 availability should be "U"
  • p. 113: PAWS Availability Table: Climax PAWS ER should be 400 (not 5,400)
  • p. 122: Tripod: The Tripod listed on page 122 (and page 32) is for rifles only (enc < 10). Tripods for machineguns and other crew served weapons have an encumbrance equal to 10% of the weapon’s listed encumbrance. If a weapon comes with a tripod with a listed ENC value, then no other tripod can be used with that weapon. Tripods provide a +10 to hit for all shots fired from the weapon. This bonus can not be used in conjunction with the “Braced Shot” bonus.
  • p. 123: Teflon ammunition: Teflon coated ammo is a poor man's armor-piercing round. It reduces threshold by 2 points, but loses its armor-piercing properties (THR reduction) on armors with thresholds over 4.
  • p. 123: Tungsten-sabot ammo: Tungsten-sabot ammo costs x10 (not five as stated in the text) and they reduce THR by 2 points not one. Damage is reduced by 1 point.
  • p. 123: Depleted Uranium ammunition & Radiation damage: The Depleted Uranium ammunition does not cause 1d4 points of radiation damage as listed in the ammunition section unless the target hit is a Gemini. Targets hit by depleted uranium ammunition must make a successful Radiation SMR at +30 or contract or contract Radiation Poisoning as detailed on page 59 of Lock-N-Load: Reloaded.
  • p. 125: Corrosive Smoke Mag Gun Round: The corrosive smoke mag gun round does 6d6 point of damage.
  • p. 125: The Super Sonic Pulse mag round: The Super Sonic Pulse mag round has a range of 5 meters.
  • p. 126: PMS Missiles: The speed of these missiles will be determined and published shortly.
  • p. 127: Nanoid mag gun round: The nanoid mag gun round holds 15 points worth of Nanoids.
  • p. 129: Mortar Shells: The sizes listed for mortar shells are 81mm and 110mm. The correct sizes are 60mm and 81mm. 60mm shells do 3-18/2-12 damage; 81mm shells do 4-24/3-18 damage. The later information was inadvertently left out of the book.
  • p. 141: Efficient Batteries: The cost for this reduction is 2 credits per point of ENC reduction multiplied by the EPP of the battery. The text in italics is missing from the book. BM's should also keep in mind that some small or efficient weapons may already have the ENC reduction in place on their powerpacks. For example the cost of the Savage series laser pistols likely means they're already using the most efficient batteries available. Similarly, the Pocket Killer laser pistol is already so small it's already using the most efficient batteries available. No weapon can have it's total ENC reduced below 1. The BM will be the final decision maker on purchasing new power packs for weapons.
  • (Corrected in current edition) The Rommel description should state that it could fire at 1/2 ROF as is consistent with the table. (Note: Rommel correct ROF is 1.)
  • (Corrected in current edition) The Wompum Happy Gun (Implosion Torpedo) has a malfunction number of –97; this should be +97.
  • (Corrected in current edition) The Q for the Boa Omega and Strike Force has been switched. The Boa Omega should have a Q of 15, and the Strike force should have a Q of 50. (Note: Current edition values are Q 50 for Boa and Q 60 for Strikeforce.)

No Man's Land

  • (Corrected in current edition) p. 13: The Kajot (Cuontol weapon) should have a -2 initiative bonus, not a +2 initiative penalty.
  • p. 19: Kizmetor paragraph 3. Reads: "If one occurs, roll d% each round to see the effects".
  • (Corrected in current edition) p. 36: The Misha skills for dream powers do not include a maximum level. The correct maximum levels should be 25 for Scry, 10 for Prediction, 10 for Dream Alley, and 10 for the Land of Dreams.

Uncle Ernie's Minions of Doom

  • Airborne Guillotine The Airborne Guillotine has an 80% chance to succeed in performing it's flying ram maneuver (10-60 dam).