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This section's got it all when it comes to the Battlelords' species. Anything to do with PCs, NPCs, new species or PC/NPC encounters, add it here.

Character Generation

If you have tips about how to create good PCs, or which equipment or skills are a must have, share them here. There's also a section for extra Skills info and also a place to add your own skill ideas Skills Expansion.

The Alliance Races

The universe is filled with strange species. Here is a list of the major sentient species found within Alliance Space.

The Zenax Races

Dare to travel through the Motaran Rift and still greater strangeness awaits. Here is a list and description of the Zenax Galaxy sentient species.

Race Expansions

A huge part of the fun of playing Battlelords is exploring the various cultural and racial differences between the species of the universe. Whether you have made up your own race of rock-eating quadripeds or you have designed the intricate rules and customs of an ancient Orion drinking duel: Share your new races and expansions to existing races here.

NPC Library

If you need a few NPCs for a game, then come here and grab a handful. All modules in the ModuleWiki have NPC's listed here You can also create NPCs on the fly with NPC Generator. You may add your own NPCs to the NPC Library for the community to use. Follow the directions in the NPC Template to input your NPC into the library.


Here is where to log the story of your most memorable character deaths. Splatter Up!

Major (and Minor) Group Encounters

Terrorist groups, political parties, trade federations, cults and factions. Share your ideas for MGEs here.

Random Encounters

Need a quick encounter to liven up the Battlelords' stroll? Share your ideas for random encounters here.