How does armor work?

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How Does Armor Work

Armor, the most important thing on the battlefield in the Twenty-Third century. Guns might be able to kill your opponent, but so can your fists. What saves your life: ARMOR. Only armor can ultimately save your life because cover doesn't last forever against incoming fire. So how does armor work?

Armor in Battlelords of the Twenty-Third Century is composed of three main aspects, Threshold, Armor Integrity, and Absorption Rating. Other very important aspects of armor is that there are so many options you can buy to customize and improve what you have such as environmental containment and corrosive protection. In this section we hope to provide you, the new gamer to the world of Battlelords, with a few examples of how armor works, options that are not quite options, and weapon effects against armor.

Threshold (THR)

Threshold is the relative toughness of the armor itself. It tells you how much damage must be done to the armor before a shot penetrates to do damage to the armor or, in the case of lasers, to the poor sentient. Any attack that does equal to or less then the threshold rating is completely negated, improving survivability of your character. This is mega-important when the average weapon you're facing does less then 8 points of damage and even more so against lasers since threshold is the only sure thing of stopping lasers and particle weapons.

Ex: Henry the Mutzatchen lies in wait for Fredd the Python, his archnemesis, in a park full of pretty flowers, Fredd loves to stop and smell the flowers. Henry holds in his little pale hands a M-95 fragment grenade eager to throw it and blow poor Fredd to bits. Our man Fredd comes strolling along in his Kodiak armor, he has a license to wear it around town for being the star in his own Tri-V show (maybe that's why Henry wants him dead), oblivious to Henry's presence in the bushes 20 meters away. Henry pulls the pin and throws the grenade. Fredd's a big target and he's stopped at a nice patch of purple flowers that remind him of home, so Henry has a 30 (grenade range bracket 4)+20 (Fred's size)+12 (Henry's skill level of 3*4)+10 (stationary target) giving our grenadier Henry a 72% to get the grenade within 2 meters of Fredd. Henry rolls a 20 and gets the grenade right at Fredd's armored feet. It detonates thunderously and eight frags hit poor Fredd. Each frag does 2-8(2d4) damage. The frags do 3,5,8,4,5,6,2,7; all but two are completely negated by the 6 threshold rating of the Kodiak armor, the two frags that get through, do 2 and 1 points of damage to Fredd respectively. While Fredd is unhurt, his flowers have been destroyed. Henry had better run if he wants to live.

So Threshold is important, always, it is just sometimes more important when dealing with low damage yield high rate of fire weapons.

Absorption (ABS)

The absorption Rating of armor is like the armor's body points. Any damage that gets by the threshold of the armor now has to do damage to the absorption before going on to the mercenary inside with of course the exceptions being lasers, particle beams, and a couple of others. Absorption is highly important when dealing with the bigger, nastier, and in general more damaging weapons such as Plasma and Omega cannons. Plasma cannons do loads of damage and can easily get through most armor thresholds while Omega cannons ignore threshold and are only stopped by absorption. Armor is divided into seven sections, 2 arms, 2 legs, chest, abdomen, and the head, and each section has its own absorption rating where the polymers flow to protect the individual. Obviously the higher the absorption rating the more damage your armor can sustain before you start getting hurt and wishing they would stop shooting at you.

Integrity (AI)

Where absorption is the armor's body points, integrity is how much structural metal, composite, or alloy is on the armor. When this number reaches zero that section of armor is gone, basically the absorption (if there is any left) has nothing left to hold it up since the structure has been destroyed leaving only the skin beneath (better find some cover now). Some weapons inflict only a small amount of damage to the integrity, removing chips and flakes of metal (like archaic powder weapons). Other weapons remove huge chunks of the armor's structure and leave gaping holes (like plasma cannons and missiles), and others do no damage to the structural integrity, like Omega cannons, and simply put huge dents in the material but otherwise leave it intact (think of a sledgehammer hitting a car, you bend the metal but otherwise it is intact, just deformed).

Size class and Armor

With so many races in Battlelords eight different size classes from the blob shaped Mazian taking up one size class to the enormously muscled Ram Python and Pythons at size class 8 armors have to come in different sizes too because you can't squeeze a Ram Python into a Jum Cola can and a Mazian just can't get enough size to move a size 8 suit of armor. Basic armor statistics that are effected by a charaters size class are the Armor Integrity(AI), Cost, Encumbrance(ENC), and space allocation.

To calculate what each of these numbers is is quite simple. Take the original value, multiply it by the character's size class, and divide the total by 4(the base size class all armor stats are based off). So if you're a size 4 character you make no changes, if you're a size 8 Ram Python double the numbers, and a Mazian, well, remember you can shape shift into various size classes(even size class four Human). This also applies to helmets.

Calculate the cost of the armor due to size before adding in any modifiers for extra cost due to racial limitations or fickle finger table rolls.

Kodiak armor has 30 Absorption and Integrity in the Chest, Legs, and Abdomen, and 15 in the Arms as a base value. Fredd the Python's armor though, the big guy being size class 8 after all, has an incredible 60 Integrity in his Chest, Legs, and Abdomen sections and 30 in his Arms. Of course his armor weighs twice as much since there is twice as much material but he can move around in it no problem thanks to his incredible strength. Remember the cost is also doubled and deduct the appropriate funds when buying the armor or helmet.

Examples of how armor works...or doesn't

With so many weapons in Battlelords it can be difficult sometimes to keep track of what weapons ignore threshold, ignore absorption, or in general affect armor. There are weapons out there that do nothing to armor while others only affect armor. For someone new to the game this can be confusing and mind-boggling to say the least unless you are a Mutzachen with an IQ of 150. Our two heroes, Henry and Fredd have agreed to demonstrate the effects of different weapon types on armor, so everything from Fredd's favorite Honj to Henry's Abomination II Omega Cannon are coming out, but don't worry we have Zen medics standing by.

Archaic Hand Weapons vs Armor

It happens from time to time and every merc hates it when it does, you've run out of ammo and now you only have your trusty sword or dagger to defend yourself with. Maybe you've been captured and all your gaurds had were a pair of daggers. Either way you have found yourself armed only with a simple archaic hand weapon and now you have to fight or die. You did get a few levels in Archaic Hand Weapon right? If not, go get it because you will need it, whether it is an easily concealed dagger or the massive two handed axe favored by Ram pythons called a Naj, archaic hand weapons are used throughout the universe. Some rip up armor in both absorption and integrity, others rely on stealth and finding the target unarmored, but all are necessary at one point or another, besides you can't shoot your way out of a net.

Poor Henry lost the coin toss on this one so Fredd gets to happily use his Honj on the puny melonhead, I guess it's payback for those lovely flowers he destroyed earlier. Fortunately Henry has his armor on, a brand new suit of Bear armor from Bear Armor Systems. Henry braces himself for Fredd's swing, knowing full well that the big lizard isn't going to hold back. Fredd decides he'll be nice and aim for an arm, those aren't vital right? With Fredd's strength of 150 and his 4 levels of skill let's see if Henry has lost his arm or not shall we. Well the Honj does an amazing 3-18 (3d6) damage and with Fredd's impressive strength giving him an additional +12 (+6 for 150 Strength and doubled for being a Ram Python), and his skill nets him an extra +1. Fredd pulls the hit and only inflicts 6+13 or 19 damage! Henry will feel it in the morning but let's see what happens to his armor. Well Bear has a threshold rating of 5 so the 19 is immediately reduced to 14 and that will be taken by the absorption polymers. That's a spot of luck for Henry because at 5 body points he wouldn't have been able to take 19, but what about the other 14? Henry's Bear armor is fit for size class two (Henry is a Mutzachen they aren't known for being big) and so the normally 13 absorption in his arm is only 6 (13*2 [Henry's size class]/4 [normal armor size class] round down) so 14-6 is 8. Poor, poor Henry, his arm takes 8 points worth of damage, severing it through the armor and our intrepid melonhead passes out from the pain since he is now at -3 body points. Even the arm section is destroyed by Fredd's attack since the Honj reduces integrity by a massive 6 and Henry's armor only had 5 (10*2/4) integrity in the arms. So Henry's arm, armor and all, goes flying in a random direction from his body, clear blood spilling out from the severed limb and Fredd grins like a homicidal maniac. Medic!

Limb severing rules are up to the BM, work with it and see what you like.

Archaic Powder Weapons vs Armor

While we wait for poor Henry to recover and get his arm put back on, gotta love modern science and medical technologies, let's discuss the Eridani's least favorite weapon yet a very useful and prevalent weapon, archaic powder guns. These range from old Earth style six shooters to gas powered machineguns, and sniper rifles. Most of these are old Earth designs, Humans do make up a majority of the Alliance and Human Antique Systems is the largest manufacturer of archaic powder guns, but you can find an old Orion rifle here or there if you look. They each have distinct advantages, like a SMG's rate of fire or a sniper rifle's vast range and penetration. Rounds are also easy to find and most world's allow for these weapons so customs isn't an issue. Most rounds do only 1 point of integrity damage so armor remains intact, you can however find rounds that can really chew up armor, and against low line armor these work well.

Well Henry is back up and looking good after that blood transfusion and the wondrous abilities of a Zen and his surgery kit. Henry won this toss up and gets to open up on our man Fredd who stands at an easy 50 meters in his still clean suit of Kodiak armor. With all of the bright lights around and the close range Henry has no problem seeing his target and sighting in with his Crossfire rifle/shotgun. Fredd's been convinced with a big plate of food to let Henry take a few shots so let's see the results. Henry manages to hit Fredd in the chest with a tungsten-sabot round and inflicts 3-12 (3d4) damage, and after the roll it's 8. Fredd's Kodiak armor has a threshold of 6 and 60(30*8/4) absorption and integrity in the chest plate. However the tungsten-sabot round reduces effective threshold by 1 so Fredd's armor only reduces the 8 down to 3 (8-(6-1)). The tungsten-sabot round still only reduces integrity by 1 and the other 3 damage is then absorbed by the 60 points of absorption reducing both down to 59 and 57 respectively. Nice try Henry,

Henry, still figuring he should pay Fredd back for earlier, decides to fire the lower shotgun portion of his weapon, he can do that he hasn't been called off and Fredd isn't done eating yet. The Crossfire can only fire shots so Henry has a standard shot loaded up and fires, again hitting poor Fredd in the chest. The blast inflicts 4-16 (4d4) damage and the roll comes up as 10. Shots, unlike solid slugs, treat armor threshold as double the normal value however and so Fredd's 6 threshold from the Kodiak armor is now 12, that 10 points of damage just won't cut it. Henry you need a shotgun that can fire solid slugs.

Disintegrators vs Armor

Disintegrators do nothing to absorption polymers until all armor integrity is destoyed in a section, then they do damage on that segment only to absorption, afterwards the absorption falls away since there is nothing holding it in place. They do more to flesh then to metal objects due to the conductive abilities of metal since they disrupt the charge of atoms in the structure or flesh and metal is conductive, limiting the disintegration of material. They have horrible range and are affected by threshold and flux shields, but they can destroy armor quick. Not good for salvage but then sometimes you just need to pry the metal off and kill the target.

Fredd is tired of being shot and gets the pleasure of shooting at our friend Henry with his Majestic Disintegrator from Balshrom Science Corporation. Henry doesn't seem to worried, he's got his lucky MX-4 heavy armor system with it's astounding 8 threshold. The Majestic does a decent 4-24(4d6) damage to flesh and 3-18(3d6) damage to metal. Fredd shoots and hits Henry's leg and he rolls an incredible 18, wonderful job Fredd. Henry's legs have a massive 42 integrity in each and take away 8 for the threshold and Fredd only does 10 leaving Henry's right leg with 32 points of integrity. Fredd is given a few more shots and miraculously hits Henry in the same leg each time, and finally widdles down that integrity to 5. His next shot does 15 damage to the same leg, poor Henry, and even with subtracting 8 for his threshold he takes 7 damage to his right leg which now has 5 integrity. The last of his integrity is destroyed and the metal on his right leg disappears in a bright flash as the metal atoms fly apart completely. The absorption polymers haven't fallen away yet, it is still the same firing segment after all so the absorption takes the rest of the damage easily. But now when Fredd fires again at the same leg there is no metal, no absorption which lies in a puddle at Henry's foot, and no threshold(the armor is gone completely in that section) and so Fredd gets to roll for damage against flesh which is 4-24(4d6) for the Majestic, Henry'll need a medic now since he only has four body points to begin with.

Explosives vs Armor

Explosions. we love them, they look great in the holovids and make the holomovies and games exciting, right. But what are the effects of explosions, the shrapnel impacts and the subsequent concussion blast, against armor. Explosives such as dynamite and Jellnite effect structural integrity(or in this case armor absorption) while grenades give shrapnel and concussion damage. The amount of damage sustained and the number of shrapnels that hit is based off range, explosives do full at 1 meter half at 2, 25% at 4 and 10% at 6 and nothing at 8 meters. Mines and grenades hit with 8 fragments at 2 meters minus 1 for every meter beyond 2 (i.e. at 3 meters you take 7 frags) and concussion damage from both is less then regular explosives, doing 100% at 1 meter, half at 2, 25% at 3, and nothing at 4 meters and beyond. Concussion damage ignores threshold, but gets divided evenly between all body sections(even the unarmored parts which means open faced helmets take damage and allow damage to the victims body points). Also concussion does no integrity damage unless used against structures

We saw how fragments effect armor previously but to recap you roll for damage for each fragment and before applying damage from any fragment you subtract threshold and apply it to the absorption and subtract the appropriate integrity reduction factor. Threshold reduces each fragment damage. Now how about that concussion blast, well it works the same for any explosive device, grenades, explosives, exploding energy weapons, exploding barrels of flammabe liquid(the flames do their own damage afterwards too), mines, whatever; so we'll discuss them now.

Henry tracked Fredd through his jungle home and is about to storm the Ram Python's tree home. Little does Henry know that Fredd knew his adversary was coming and planned a few surprises, a claymore mine field. Henry walks through the trees oblivious to the danger in his Timar heavy armor a suit designed for Mutzachens and their energy powers, and his S-1 helmet. Poor Henry steps on a claymore-3 recieving 3-18 (3d6) points of damage from 8 fragments and 3-18 (3d6) damage from the concussion blast at full strength (he stepped on it so yeah he's less then a meter away). All 8 fragments fortunately for our dear friend do less then 7 damage and are stopped by the threshold of his armor completely. However concussion attacks ignore threshold and for explosives the damage is divided evenly among all sections of armor. So rolling the concssion blast does 14 damage, their are seven sections (chest, abdomen, two legs, two arms, and the head) so Henry takes two to every section of his armor. If you get a number not divisible by seven you still divide as much as you can evenly then starting with the section closest takes the excess and then move from there. In this case if we had rolled a 10 the legs would both take 2 concussion damage and so would the abdomen, the chest, arms, and head would all take 1. Now of course stepping a mine means poor Henry goes flying and might land on another mine(depends on the density of the minefield so hopefully the BM has an idea before hand of the chance). Good thing we had a camera to watch the funny bouncing melonhead.

Flamethrowers vs Armor

Flamethrowers, who doesn't love them. They spew forth huge cones of destructive flames at your opponents and are great against bunkers and other fortifications. They ignore threshold and do double damage to the absorption polymers. They can light things on fire and grenades plus heat equals an explosion. They can even reduce armor integrity by 2d6 (in each section hit) and give the wearer an agility penalty of 2d6 on top of that, they hit three sections in one shot and effect Heavy armor normally. They have a few downsides and ablative lining beats the heat on a point for point basis, but the only sure way to beat a flamethrower is to take down the wielder. Damage taken in the last range bracket is halved as well.

Fredd will demonstrate for us the power of the Blazer flamethrower unit the last widely made flamethrower and still deadly in the modern battlefield. Henry is unfortunately tied up and unable to run like he would want to, but he still has on his Combat 3 medium intensity battle armor for protection so he should be fine. Fredd shoots, and Henry is engulfed in flames taking damage in the abdomen, chest and right leg (roll for each location). The Blazer does 4-16 (4d4) and rolling we get 8. Divide it among the three effected sections we get 3 in the chest and abdomen and 2 in the right leg. Since Henry deosn't have any ablative lining and the 6 threshold of his armor is ignored we go straight to the absoprtion. Luckily for Henry his amror can more then handle the damage and so we don't have roasted melon (Combat 3 has 20 (40(base value)*2 (Henry's size class)/4(base size class)=20) in the chest abdomen and legs and 10(20(base value)*2(Henry's size)/4(base size)=10) in the arms). The rope burns and Henry runs for his life.

Alternately, instead of rolling for each location the BM may assign hit locations based where the initial blast hit. This makes it a little more realistic then say hitting a leg initially then rolling a head hit and then an arm. Again, this is the BM's choice.

Frost Guns vs Armor

What would a gun that shoots a liquid colder then liquid nitrogen do to armor. Just take a look at the frost guns. They ignore threshold like flamethrowers, but only effect one section and damage is as is against absorption. Integrity is however reduced no matter what by 1/3 of the damage rolled(round down minimum of 1) and any hit against flesh is TRIPLED. The exception to that is if a round had to go through the remaining absorption first before it hit flesh, in this case the person just takes the remainder(In most cases this would be enough to cause serious injury to begin with). On top of this if someone is hit by a frost gun and a flamethrower or thermatic in the same second or successive seconds damage from the second hit is doubled due to the extreme temperature changes.

Henry is getting some payback on poor Fredd. The elusive Mutzachen is lying in wait behind some bushes(good thing he's small) for our man to walk by looking for him. Henry cradles in his pale little arms a BC-Frost Giant and wisps of steam pour from the mouth of the gun as the coolant evaporates. Fredd, oblivious to Henry crouching behind the shrubs walks on by in his CD-2 heavy armor when Henry jumps up and pours on the cold. The BC-Frost Giant inflicts 6-36(6d6) damage and rolling we get 30! To the poor Ram's abdomen of all places. Well the 7 threshold is ignored and so the 30 damage goes straight to absorption. Fredd's armor has a 48 base (24(base value)*8(Fredd's size)/4(normal size)) subtract 30 and we get 18 points of absorption left to Fredd's abdomen. 1/3 of 30 is 10 so the amror integrity goes down 10 but there is still plenty left(72(36(base value)*8(Fredd's size)/4(normal size))-10=62). As Fredd turns to face Henry his friend, Balthazar the Mutzachen, pops up and hoses Fredd with an A-2 flamethrower which inflicts 2-12 damage. Rolling we get 12 and the chest, abdomen, and left arm are hit. Well the abdomen had already been hit by Henry's frost gun the second before so damage is doubled there and the 4(12(damage rolled)/3sections hit) becomes 8. Absorption reduction by flamethrowers is doubled so the 8 becomes 16 and leaves poor Fredd with 2 points of absorption in his abdomen. Now if Fredd had no absorption left in his armor at this point Henry's next attack on the Ram's abdomen would do triple damage, but since there are 2 points left the next abdomen shot will only do normal damage to Fredd.

BM's may opt to decide that armor damaged by frost guns must make a SMR vs Cold or the wearer suffers a 2d6 agility penalty due to frozen joints.

Gauss Rifles vs Armor

Gauss rifles are the longest ranged weapons in the game, some shoot literally over the horizon and with so many specialized rounds to choose from it would be impossible to cover them all here. With rounds that do extra to absorption to rounds that rupture reactive plating, and rounds that coat teh armor in a radar sensitive liquid or rounds that produce an EMP burst, gauss rifles have it all. They also reduce threshold for each shot, the reduction rating varies from weapon to weapon and there are rounds that reduce it further for extra penetration. There are no "normal" rounds for the gauss rifles so either note what rounds you're using or the order of rounds that are in a clip because the BM sure will and or he'll make it up if you don't know.

Henry uses a Linearity Gauss Rifle to shoot poor Fredd as he crosses a stream, over 1,000 meters away. Fredd is in his Kodiak armor and Henry is using Anti-Polymer rounds which do 3d6 damage to absorption and 1d4 to flesh. The weapon has a threshold reduction modifier of 3. Henry shoots and hits Fredd in the left arm, Fredd's armor has only a threshold of 3(6(Kodiak's threshold)-3(Linearity's threshold reduction)) and the round does 12 damage since it's hitting absorption polymers, 12 minus 3 is 9 so Fredd's arm absorption is reduced by 9. Integrity loss is 1 for all gauss rifles and ammo unless noted specifically in teh description for the ammunition.

Gravitational Shears vs Armor

These weapons make armor next to useless. They ignore threshold and cut through all sections, absorption, integrity, and ablative with equal fervor and then cut through the person inside. After that they continue on to their max range where they do half damage hitting everything in their path. Only a Flux shield can save you, or you can avoid large gravitational bodies like planets for the rest of your life but that isn't fun.

Henry and Fredd are facing off again, the Mutzachen doesn't look too happy and our hero Fredd is busy eating doughnuts...err spare tires. Fredd has a BC-Sparkler dangling from his free arm and Henry, he really doesn't look good, maybe someone told him what the grav shear will do to his poor body, holds a Conflagration in his shaking hands. Bravely the melonhead fires at Fredd and hits. The Conflagration does 4 damage to everything in its path so Fredd's armor takes 4 to all areas of his absorption and integrity and 4 damage to himself. The bright sparkling beams contiue on their merry way to cut the delicious spare tires Fredd was eating ruining the lizard's meal. Turning to fire Henry tries to run but isn't quick enough. Fredd hits with his BC-Sparkler doing 8 damage to poor Henry, I guess he'll need a medic before we can continue.

Implosion Field Technology vs Armor

This is another weapon system that can really ruin your day and destroy armor fast. These things fire pulses of concussive energy at their target doing massive damage and leaving small puddles of goo in their wake. Again grab a flux shield and get some heavy duty armor or you will be nothing more then a smear on the pavement as they pour you out of your armor.

Fredd is waiting for our poor friend Henry to come out of the hospital from his latest visit. Fredd has a nasty little plan for the melonhead, a plan that involves a Realm Generator IFT(Implosion Field Technology). Henry, being a little paranoid(he has the right, his contract with us isn't over yet), comes out fully suited up in his Timar heavy armor suit and heads to a cab looking suspiciously at every little thing. Too bad Fredd isn't little. Our lareg hero shoots and the Realm Generator inflicts 6-36(6d6)*4 damage to Henry. That's right, an enormous 6d6*4 damage and this one isn't the strongest! Rolling we get 30*4 or 120 damage to Henry's chest. His chest has 20(40(original value)*2(Henry's size)/4(normal size)=20) and so the omega pulses ignoring threshold drop 20 damage to destroy his absorption then do 100 damage to Henry's chest leaving nothing but a smear. Henry can't come back now due to the catastrophic damage but hey we'll rewind and Henry now has a Flux Shield rated at 100 points of protection. That same 120 now has to penetrate the flux shield and then the 20 absorption. Henry is saved but another hit like that and he better have a clone.

Juicers vs Armor

Juicers, the next best thing to burn through armor next to Pulse and Omega weapons in my opinion. They ignore threshold, do double damage to absorption and integrity is reduced by the damage roll. Furthermore if the damage done doubles the threshold value or more then the threshold of the armor is permanently reduced by 2. And there are only two options that protect you, flux shields and KE shields. Low line armor has very little chance against a juicer and even the heavy suits can get wasted in short order with concentrated fire. So newbies beware of the evil Juicer monster and pick up yours today.

Henry and Fredd are back again, their armor's been repaired and they carry their favorite Juicer cannons; Fredd with the biggest and baddest of them all, the Might, while poor little Henry tries to hold up his, the light weight riot control Able Blistex. Our man Henry fires first, the liquid hot iron fires out in a ball of fiery splendor hitting poor Fredd in his Kodiak suit, burning his chest for 2-8 (2d4) damage. The damage roll is a measly 4 but since the juice ignores the 6 point threshold Fredd's Kodiak takes 8 points of damage to his enormous chest plate which has 60 points of absorption(30(normal absorption value)*8(Fredd's size class)/4(base size class)=60) and reduces down to 52. The integrity drops by 4 from 60(30*8/4 again) to 56. Henry needs some heavier firepower it would seem. Now if Henry had a juicer like the Might that does a massive 4-24(4d6) damage then he could've easily done 12 damage(double Fredd's 6) and reduced his armor's threshold by 2 making it easier for his friends to damage poor Fredd and easier to reduce Fredd's threshold further(6-2(first threshold reduction)=4 so then he would only need to do 8(4*2=8) to reduce Fredd's threshold again. This, by the way, doesn't leave much for salvage purposes, but it can bring down the baddest badguys if used properly.

Lasers vs Armor

Lasers, these weapons are the new sidearm of most frontier cops and new and upcoming Battlelords mercenaries. They're mostly cheap, easy to maintain, allowed on most tech level 4 and above worlds with no hassle (some planets actually enforce a no weapons policy and they mean it.), and they are great against low line armors. Once a laser beam gets through armor threshold they ignore absorption and they do very little to integrity so the thug within gets killed and you get the armor mostly intact. Go against heavy armor (any armor with a threshold of 7 or more and that includes helmets) though and they don't have the stuff to punch through. What stops lasers, heavy smoke won't stop but it will reduce damage yeild, other wise you'll need good threshold and ablative lining (absorption vs. lasers) to ensure survival against lasers. As a note there are absorption polymers like cracite that can block lasers and armor options that can also help, however for beginners these options are expensive.

Impact lasers do full damage to heavy armor as do laser machineguns and vehicle mounted lasers(most of these are impact or machinegun lasers to begin with). However being lasers they are still affected by dense smoke and ablative lining.

Well, Henry and Fredd are at it again, our two heroes are still intent on proving who is better, brains or brawn. Today we see Henry his new MX-4 suit of armor with an accompanying S-1 helmet, both good heavy armor systems and Henry even sports 4 points of ablative lining in each section of his armor, one of a few things besides threshold that can stop lasers. And across from him 30 meters away is the hulking brute Fredd in his favorite suit of Kodiak just back from the armorer for those minor repairs after Henry fired those pesky bullets and on his head is the impressive Deshard brain bucket helmet. Our two combatants carry their weapons at the ready, Henry cradles an Arrow-X laser carbine while Fredd lugs around a massive impact laser cannon, the Angler. Fredd takes his shot, being just a little quicker then the melonhead and the 3-12 (3d4) damage output of the cannon hits square on the mutzachens chest for a full 12 damage. Since the weapon is an impact laser it does full damage to Henry's heavy armor but the threshold 8 armor and 4 points of ablative lining stop the blast completely, though Henry is going to need to replace those ablative polymers after we're through.

Now Henry gets his shot against Fredd. The Arrow-X inflicts a massive 3-18 (3d6) damage and Henry rolls a 12 to Fredd's leg. Since Kodiak only has a 6 threshold the other 6 goes straight to Fredd's body points. Now if Fredd had bought ablative lining it would've stopped the laser beam on a point for point basis like absorption, we saw that with Henry's armor, but Fredd thought he wouldn't need it. Well Fredd takes 6 damage and isn't too happy about that.

Magnetic Guns vs Armor

Magnetic Guns(Mag Guns for short) are really fun and very useful to get a soldier out of their armor. They aren't aware of what type of round is sticking to him and so they are forced with the choice of blowing out of their armor or suffer the consequences of whatever round is adhered to him. Unless they have either a magnetic deflection generartor, a special acid(which damages armor as it removes the round), or are abnormally strong(normally strong for Ram Pythons) the rounds don't come off and with so many rounds to choose from the possibilites of what you load into your drum are endless. Just be sure you know the order of your own munitions or your BM will arbitrarily decide for you and they never make it fun or a useful setup for you, but it sure will be funny.

Round types include: Absorption Destroyer, Acid, A-Grav Cancellation, Corrosive Smoke, Disintegrator, Dummy, Glue, Mr. Stinky, Planar Explosive, Shaped Charge, and Toxin Dispenser. This isn't a complete list, for that you'll need Lock-n-Load: Weapons and Tactics.

Henry and Fredd are bragging to each other over their new toys. They both have Deliverance Magnetic Guns and neither one out does the other, though Henry had a cousin who worked for Balshrom and allowed Henry to use his discount. Angrily Fredd shoots Henry but he forgot how he loaded his clip and the first round was in fact a Dummy Round. Henry doesn't know this and spends his actions using the power Magnetize to remove the round from his armor before it explodes. When it doesn't Fredd gets upset again and fires another round which happily sticks to Henry's armored forehead. Unconcerned by the round sticking to his giant head Henry fires his gun and being a smart Mutzachen loaded his first round as a Disintegrator. 1d3(1d6/2) rounds after the rounds are fired they go off so rolling Fredd's goes off in 3 and Henry's in 2. Lucky Henry! The Disintegrator round goes off and and does 4-24(4d6) damage to poor Fredd's armored chest. Rolling Fredd takes 12 absorption damage. Poor Henry though had a nice A-Grav Cancellation stuck to him and so 25 points of his heavy belt(reduces encumbrance by 75) no longer works.

Metal Guns vs Armor

Metal guns do nothing to absorption, and nothing to unarmored personnel and nothing to nonmagnetic armors or Flux Shields. So why use Metal guns? They destroy metal armor and metal armor options real quick. Yes you can destroy armor options and reduce teh effectiveness of your enemies. The damage listing of the weapon denotes how much threshold the armor has lost...permanently. This number times 5 is how much integrity is lost. This applies to only one section of the armor but if that section loses all integrity then the armor falls off completely exposing the poor sap for other weapons. The beam is ultra-violet so most races can't see it without some sort of extra technology and who buys ultra-violet goggles and binoculars, much less wears them all of the time? A further bonus is when armor is reduced below 7 threshold it is no longer considered heavy armor in that section and the extra damage that penetrates from the reduced threshold is always useful regardless. As a main weapon they aren't recommended, but definately at least one per group to soften those "tough" targets.

Henry wanders down the streets of Kermadec, trying to get away from the film crews and get out of his contract with us, but we're on to him and we sent Fredd with a TR-9B Metal Gun. Henry is in his a cheap AKMB armor suit with AKMH helmet hoping he can blend in as a younger Mutzachen mercenary but alas it doesn't work. Fredd fires from the shadows of an alley and hits our melonheaded hero. Henry's armor being metal is effected but if it were Ceramic or Biological then it would've been uneffected by this. The TR-9B does 4 damage to metal thresholds so rolling to see where Henry is hit we get the left leg. Henry can't see the ultra-violet beam and doesn't realize his armor has just lost all threshold in his left leg, until the leg section falls off from the loss of all of the integrity(20 integrity reduction to a section that had 4). Of course Fredd has ultra-violet goggles on and knows exactly where he hit and uses this to his advantage when he comes out from the alley with a club and breaks Henry's left femur.

Missiles vs Armor

Missiles come in all shapes and sizes, from the small yet versatile Arm Rockets to the massive Anti-Tank missiles, SAMS, and Personal Missile Systems(PMS) you can choose the weapon right for you. They all effect any armor the same(full damage) but some are more effective then others at various targets. For instance you don't wnat to use arm rockets against vehicles, damage yield is just too small, but using anti-tank, rockett launchers, or PMS against personnel nets you a -40 to hit on top of any other penalties. And if you use a SAM against them they better be flying through the air with a jet pack or parachute. Flux Shields and anti-missile systems are your only hope of survival against an enemy using missiles, that or hide in a building but who knows if that's going to come crashing around your head or not. Buy some ECM to prevent lock ons and get a LAM(laser anti-missile armor option) or anti-missiles missiles to save your green butt from the horrible Saylon monster.

Henry thinks he's funny. He set up a Gatling Tube Launch personal missile system(6 minute setup time) on a hill two kilometers away from us. The system is quite expensive and rare but hey, it can fire 3 missiles in a single segment or all 12 missiles in a sixty second time period. That's a lot of missiles, we hope our LAMS, ECM and AMM can hold them off or we're toast since we didn't buy a Flux Shield to protect us. Of course he could be aiming at Fredd on the hill behind us still setting up a Minuteman PMS(setup time 2 minutes). Fredd can fire all three of his missiles at once or one every ten seconds. We gave both of our contestants high explosive warheads(that's 20-70 damage per missile) so this can get quite messy. Henry hurries back behind his launcher and there, a three successive puffs as the missiles shoot out and tehn ignite to fly to their target...Fredd thankfully. I guess Henry heard we wouldn't pay if he killed the camera crew. It takes time for those missiles to fly and with Henry's hea seaking guidance package the missiles have a 97% chance to hit and are not affected by Electronic Counter Measures(ECM), but if they were the onboard ECCM(electronic counter counter measure) of the GTL is a gigantic 47(ECCM counters ECM on a point for point basis but doens't increase accuracy, just reduces the penalty from ECM only). Fredd sees teh missiles coming in and runs for his scaly life. HE doesn't get very far before the first of the three finds him and hits. In fact all three hit the poor Python so lets see what damage is inflicted on our scaly friend and his precious Grizzly Heavy Armor. 20-70 is (1d6+1)*10 so that'll be 40, 30, and 60 damage respectively. Grizzly has a threshold of 10 so we subtract that from each missile's damage and apply it to the absorption where the missile struck. If the missiles had inflicted over a HP(hundred body points) then the damage would have been divided into the seperate locations of Fredd's armor, however they did not so they do damage to a single location. Chest, Left Arm, and Right Leg. Fortunately Fredd comes out of this unhurt, except for the massive daamge to his armor, but the grizzly's massive 200 absorption in the chest and legs and 100 in the arms(100 in chest and legs and 50 in the arms for size four so multiply by 2 due to size class) but the armor integrity is shot as each missile reduces the amount of metal in each location by 12 points each. With only 24 in teh arms and 48 in the legs and chest Fredd can only take one more to the Left arm before the armor is ripped away He better run faster. 9 missiles later Fredd lies in a blackened heap of armor and his equipment is trashed. Time for the medics to come and see what goo they can salvage and resurrect the poor lizard. That or we can activate one of his clones. He really should've bought a LAM system and Anti-missile missiles to stop those heat seekers.

Omega vs Armor

What goes thud in the night? Omega cannons! Short range concussion flux shields that reduce you to goop and leave only jelly behind for the loved ones. If you find yourself against one of these you better pray you have got a lot of absorption because your threshold won't save you, these things just ignore it like it wasn't even there. What can stop the all powerful Omega beastie from squishing you like a bug under foot? Armor with high absorption in all locations for starters, if your opponent can't squash you in one shot you get a chance to pay him back in kind and if you are lucky he'll die first. However these armors are expensive and buying extra absorption can limit you in other armor options. You can always buy a Flux Shield of some kind, even a Personal Defense Shield will work for a time and they stop the Omega blast point for point. Another option out there is the magnetic disruptor which doesn't rightly stop the damage, but it does cut it in half, for both Omega and Pulse fire. Expensive though. And don't forget you can have only one generator up at a time and that includes your Flux Shield. I would recommend a combination of all of these and find yourself some heavy cover becuase that will stop the Omega blasts for a time while you and your friends are able to get some counter fire on your target.

Well one of Fredd's clones has been activated, there just wasn't anything left in the armor after Henry's barrage to bring back. Fredd wasn't happy about how he died by a missile strike, or about all of the things Henhry said about his favorite cudda lizard. Maybe we should've left out that Henry wanted to serve it as an appetizer today. Fredd is really mad, I mean he is mad enough to eat our camerabeing who's currently hiding up a tree hoping to avoid the berserk Ram with his Street Howitzer. That thing can knock down young trees inflicting a decent 6-36(6d6) damage on anything it hits. That's pure concussion, no Integrity loss with these things. Henry can hear Fredd easily with all the noise the big guy is making and we aren't sure if the melonhead is hiding or what. Of course I would too given that our contestants weilding some of the deadliest hardware that can be put into a Battlelords hands. Fredd is in his favorite suit of MX-4, which by the way is designed from teh outright to defend agaisnt Omega weapons, reducing concussion attacks by half. It also has enough absorption to stand against most Omega hits, of course a lucky blow from Henry's LS-21 will leave Fredd as a smear on the wall. Speaking of Henry there he is now coming up behind Fredd toting his oversized cannon wearing his Timar heavy armor which has mreo absorption but none of the speciality of the MX-4, though he does have a Magnetic Disruptor unit on. Henry fires at Fredd's back not wanting to give the lizard anymore of an advantage then he already has and hits, right in the back. Fredd won't be happy about that or the 8-48(8d6) or rather the 4-24(8d6/2 or 4d6) he is about to be dealt, can't forget MX-4 halves all concussion damage. Figuring damage Fredd receives a measly 12, but that ignores threshold going straight to absorption taking the once 48(24*8/4{Fredd's size divided by base size of 4}) done to 36 and leaving a sizable dent. Fredd turns and fires back hitting poor Henry in the 38, his groin! Ouch. 6-36 is reduced to 3-18 from the magnetic disruptor and Henry takes 10. Henry only has 10 in his abdomen absorption(20*2/4{Henry's size divided by base size of 4}). barely he makes it without having anything vital crushed but there isn't anything left there to protect him now either.

Pulse vs Armor

Pulse weapons are another common staple in the Battlelord arsenal of pain. In some cases they are the favored weapon for their destructive capabilities and how quickly they eat through integrity. A standard pulse weapon will rip out 8 points of integrity on your very vital suit of armor and when integrity goes to zero as mentioned above that section of armor falls off; there just isn't any more metal there to hold it together. Pulse weapons can also chew through cover with ease and concealment is completely ignored cause it just rips apart whatever you hide behind. So how do you protect yourself from this awesome weapon of destruction? Magnetic disruptors, Flux Shields, and get a long range weapon since a majority of pulse weapons have horrible range. There are also armor systems that minimize pulse damage as well like the Mist heavy armor.

Henry was fortunate that Fredd was given only one shot at him with the Stree Howiter but now big bad Fredd gets another shot at Henry but this time with an RP-4 Masher Pulse cannon. If Henry lives he'll be firing Wax'em Gun Pulse pistol also referred to as static pistols. Our contestatns have changed armors, Fredd has picked up a cheap suit of Street 2 not at all afraid of Henry while Henry scared for his life donned the Mist Heavy Armor from Bear Armor Systems(BAS). Fredd shoots and hits delivering 5-30(5d6) points of damage to Henry's left leg. Henry's armor has a threshold of 8. Well Mist was designed for just such an occasion as this and its high tech sensors detect the incoming plasma and liquid nitrogen is released from dozens of tiny ports and teh magnetic repulsion field activates sending some of Henry's less secure metallic objects flying...DUCK! Whoo, that knife almost hit us. But look the plasma pulse was nearly frozen and slowed down so much it barely did anything to Henry. In fact the 20 points of damage Fredd would've inflicted is cut to a quarter, 5(20/4) and does nothing to the heavy armor(threshold of 8 beats 5 damage any day). Fredd is pissed now, but Henry gets to shoot. The melonhead hits and does an enormous 8-48(8d6) damage. Street 2 ia not designed against that. Henry deals out 32 damage with that one shot right to Fredd's right arm, guess teh little guy thought it would be fair. Henry falls over backwards from the recoil and Fredd's armor gets torn to pieces. 32-4(threshold) gives us 28 to the arm which has 8 absorption(4*8/4) and 8 integrity(4*8/4). Too bad static pistols only do 6 integrity but one moer shot at that threshold is gone, much like Fredd's amr which was just inflicted with 20 points of damage more then enough for a critical. Oh look Fredd's arm is flopping lifelessly attached more by the armor then by any flesh at the moment.

Thermatics vs Armor

Thermatics are complicated at first glance, devestating to most armors, ignoring threshold, and any unarmored being as it cooks the poor soul. There isn't any really effective way to lessen the damage from one of these except with a Flux Shield though armor will save you for a time; how long does it take to cook someone in armor anyway? Thermatics are 'continuous effect' weapons, delivering pain and burns for three seconds after the last successful hit to each location reducing by half(rounded up) after each second. Be sure you have some IR vision handy or the sneaky thermatic monster will cook you and your team alive, roasting in that nice suit of armor.

We're giving Fredd a freebie here. He's getting back at Henry completley this time, no guts no glory, onyl cooked melon. That might not be too tasty though. Fredd is weilding a Finite Thermatic and Henry is still in his Mist armor wondering why he signed that contract. Mercenaries will do anythign for money people, just remember that, we at White Lion do, just look at Survival Warrior and all the insane things we have them do. Henry is unarmed but he's facign this bravely for a 1 meter tall frail creature with a head shaped like a watermelon. Fredd shoots and hits Henry in the Chest, and thermatics ignore threshold so Henry's threshold of 8 is ignored and everything goes straight to the absorption which is a mere 15(30*2/4). The Finite inflicts an impressive 3-12(3d4) damage, and Fredd manages to get a whole 8. We only gave Fredd the one shot in his clip but that should be enough to cause Henry some discomfort. The first round Henry's chest loses 8 absorption and no integrity(Thermatics in fact do no integrity damage at all) bring him down to 7 absorption polymers left. Second two Henry takes another 4 to his chest absorption from the lingering heat and in second three he takes yet another 2 bring him down to 1 absorption in his chest which is then melted away by the last seconds of lingering heat. Yes people four rounds of damage from one shot. Now if fredd had had a second shot and hit Henry's chest the damage woudl have added when the second shot hit and the three rounds would have started anew and using the total damage from the lingering effects and the new damage. Henry got lucky, but will it last?

Thunderbolt Generators vs Armor

Shoot lightning at your foes and watch them quiver in fear...or maybe because they have electricity coursing through their veins making them hop and convulse like cartoon characters. They cauterize wounds when employed against flesh, burning and instantly clotting so the vicitm doesn't bleed out and only leaves a charred smoking ruin. Againt armor they tend to overload in place systems, including attached armor options, forcing the armro to make an ELE SMR equal to the damage down or be shut down until repairs can be performed. Ceramic armors are your choice if you know you'll face one of these since lightning guns do nothing to them(armor options are still affected however). Also all damage is considered translational meaning it ignores threshold and goes straight to absorption. There are otehr disadvantages to these powerful weapons such asa range and weight but also anyone in metal armor within 2m of the operator is hit, even friends and allies. Flux shields and protection for both your armor and your armor options will help stop the adverse side effects of being shot by one of these but only the Flux Shield will stop the damage. Get out of their range and open fire from afar to take this one down.

Henry's last stand is now. The Mutzachen has been cornered by the fearsome lizard Fredd. Fredd is taking no chances and is using a Maximus Thunderbolt Generator, one of the most powerful lightning guns on the market inflicting an impressive 8-80(8d10) damage, to fry the poor little Mutzachen. Henry is dragging a Marrson Thunderbolt to stop his ifelong nemesis, this is their final showdown; no guts, no glory today. Somewhere Henry found time to change into a suit of Ceramic armor while Fredd has chaned to a nice new suit of MX-4. Fredd fires first and hits the little engineer that could in the right leg which could be bad, and oh, look at that, the electricty just sparks right off leavign a few scorch marks but otherwise leaving Henry unharmed. Good thing Henry didn't have any external servos, like heavy armor does, or armor options for that matter or they would've been fried to uselessness on a failed SMR roll. Now it's Henry's turn to blast Fredd, and he hits the giant lizard square in the chest with a bolt that inflicts 2-12(2d6) damage. Even rolling max damage isn't enough to get through Fredd's massive 48(24*8/4) absorption but that doesn't matter it looks like as Fredd's primary servo system begins arcing. The system had to roll under it's ELE SMR minus the damage done but it seems to have failed and now Fredd can't move. This is why you buy protection for your servos boys, girls, and ameobas, without them you can't move and if the ones in your chest go down your are stuck. Henry drops his gun and walks up to Fredd, tinkers a little with teh big Ram's weapon and walks off. Maybe we should run I hear some beeping and Fredd is screaming for help.

Well that's it for common weapons you'll be facing and how they can affect you and your armor. Remember, armor will save your life when all else fails. Just be sure to have a few essentials discussed in a wee bit that'll help ensure your survival as a Battlelord of the 23rd Century.

Options that aren't options

The following is a list of armor options, and their descriptions, that are felt aren't really options but neccessities to survive the futuristic battlefield. Items such as ablative lining and environmental containment, QSU and Auto-docs, these things won't ensure survival but they'll sure help a lot because you won't always have a Flux Shield and combat is right around the corner.

This is far from a comprehensive list of armor options and is more intended to help those new to the game to choose equipment that'll help them survive. Some items were left out since a beginning merc team would not be able to afford them without being given a little extra help from the BM, which depending on how advanced they want it is good.

Ablative Liner

A-Liners, absorption against lasers. Ablative lining is by far the most useful armor option a new and upcoming battlelord should purchase since more often than not they will face the dreaded laser monster and even mid range lasers can penetrate Kodiak armor and kill a Human. Go against a Savage D and even Ram's can be taken down relatively quickly. However Ablative Liners don't just stop lasers but also Impact lasers, Particle Beam weapons, and even Flame Throwers reducing the amount of damage point for point in each case. Being rather cheap and small youcna fit quite a few points into standard armor. And even in Heavy armor they are useful, since Particle Beams, Flame throwers, and Impact Lasers do full damage. It isn't until you get to the Mechanized Battle Armor that you don't need to worry too much about lasers or Particle Beams, or even Flame Throwers, until you start facing top end Impact Lasers or vehicle mounted lasers in which Ablative liners come in handy again with a few other high end gadgets.


When you get injured, or infected, or poisoned, this little miracle will registeer exactly what is wrong and administer teh proper antidote. It can hold a variety of serums and injections at once and programmed for each one. It won't inject you with BRIs if you have broken bones thankfully, and if the medic goes down or is occupied elsewhere in teh battlefield this can save your life long enough for them to get to you. Don't leave home without it especially if you are going to a combat zone.


These babies are very simialr to the Auto-Doc, just a simpler and cheaper version for those of you on a budget. It holds 6 BRIs or MBRIs(purchased separately) in any combination anhd like the Auto_Doc will be able to determine the extent of any injuries you sustain in the field and administer teh right drug for the job. Like the Auto-Doc it will not inject you if have broken bones or any injury that will be aggaravated by BRI use. If you can't afford an Auto-Doc pick one these guys up, it just may save your life.

Camouflage Unit

The camouflage unit, chameleon device really. It helps the wearer avoid detection by changing the surface of their armor to match that of the background. Useful in any situation as it helps you avoid getting into fights and slippign past cameras and guards. Just be sure it is at full power and they don't have other forms of detection or it will fail at the most inoppurtune time and their vibration sensors will go off as you near your goal giving you away completely. Just remember a Battlelord discoverd is a Battlelord dead and the company never even heard of you.

Corrosive Protection

Thsi little gem is another full body option that is very useful and can save your life before you relaized you needed it. Someone drops an acid grenade in your lap, you step into a pool of acid, maybe the thing you just killed had acid for blood. This will help your armor stay intact long enough for you to leave the area and reach saftey. Of course having it spary on you would require a thorough rinsing but hey with corrosive protection you just might have the time to reach something to wash off in. And for you chemists out there, it helps agaisnt strong base attacks too. Just don't expect it to save you if you fall into a vat of acid. Well worth the small price.

Drop Bag

Now you've finally done it. You were looking at your map, lost in the middle of nowhere and and found the only cliff for kilometers. Oblivious you stepped off and before you knew it you were trying to fly with a hundred kilos worth of equipment and no wings, no parachute, or jet packs. Now what? If you are lucky you bought a drop bag which detects you falling and orients you so it is facing the ground and deploys. Assuming you aren't about to land on some sharp objects or have it shot out you should be fine. Unless you fall more then 50 meters then you might not be. At that point have another means of saving yourself. It isn't one hundred percent effective but it sure comes in handy and a clever PC can find other uses for it if knockback rules are used and a few armor repair checks made.

Environmental Containment

Environmental Containment is by far the most important armor option available. More so then even Flux Shields. Why? Becuase it can save you when you are out in the wastelands of Fornax on some godforsaken world where you can't breath. It provides containment and an environemnt for you much like a spacesuit..only for your armor. Just buy air and you're set to go. It comes with 6 hours and protects you completely from chemical and biological attacks, as long as your containment is not breached by incoming fire. Once you get to the Heavy and MBA armros you no longer need to buy this but early on when you are in Bear or AKMB it is a most have. It's watertight and airtight but don't try to swim or you'll sink like with any other armor. Bm discretion though in whether it works in some armors such as street 1 or BP 1 as since they do not cover the whole body.


Goes hand in hand with the IFF beacon. With both options a team of mercs can distinguish each other from the enemy. These can also be linked to HICs and Tac-Nets and with some tinnkering a fully functional radar system. Cheap and reliable and the IFF beacons are nearly impossible to hack so there isn't much fear of having your enemies mistaken for a friend.

Flotation Device

Well, now you've gone and done the stupidest thing a merc in armor could do. You went swimming, voluntarily or not, you are now sinking to crush depth and getting out of armor takes a time which you may or may not have. A very unpleasant way to die, drowning, or being crushed by the weight of water around you. How do you get of this predicament? Activate your armor's flotation device and you'll begin to float back to the surface as exterior air bladders fill making you and your armor a lot more bouyant. These are another option that are cheap by themselves and work great when accompanied by other options such as gills and environmental containment. Who knows maybe you'll use them to get out of a submerged research facility and not just because you fell off a boat.


There are no methane versions of gills available so if you are a Phentari or Eridani I guess these aren't going to be too useful for you. For everyone else, this helmet option acts like the gills of a fish, extracting oxygen for breathing. They don't allow you to breathe water so a way to keep the inside of your helmet dry is a must and remember most armors sink so you need a way to float or survive at the bottom of a lake.

IFF Beacon

Goes hand in hand with the EZ-IFF. This is the transitter the EZ-IFF detects and recognizes as friend warning the teammates tehy are about to shoot a friendly. Without this toy you'll be registered as hostile and your friends will mow you down like the enemy you are. They are almost impossible to hack but if you are captured better check yourself because your enemies might have taken it since that is easier to do. When used with radars, HICs, and Tac-Nets it will register you as a non target for automated turrets, missiles and the like, without one... friendly fire is never very friendly.

Polymizer Dispenser

Does exactly what it says, dispenses absorption polymers to the needed areas. The unit holds 100 points and can send them to any location in the armor. What better way to stay alive then to have your armor fix itself and keep the absorption between you and the flying plasma that'll tear you to pieces. Affordable and beyond being useful to almost a must have status in any Mercs armor. Increases survivaility rate and cuts down on armor repairs after the mission. This device more then pays for itself however it may take a few mission to acquire one.


Quick Sealing Units, one for containment and one for integrity. Both are very useful, of course if you don't have environmental containment you only really need the QSU for integrity. These repair rips and holes in containment or integrity keeping you from being exposed to the harsh outside world for a bit longer, and keeping your armor intact long enough to find some cover. Neither way can give 100% repairs but it is close, of course if you no longer have any integrity in a section it is lost and with any containment too, so you still need to be careful. The unit holds enough to repair 35 points of integrity which it does once every ten seconds, a long time in a fight, but not so much out of one. Very useful in ensuring the survival of a new Battlelord.


This will help keep all of that harmful radiation outside your armor and keep you from becoming exposed and dead, or worse mutated. Just remember radiation exposure can happen in any research facility and if you happen to walk in the remains of a nuclear explosion you'll be dead in hours unless you're a Mutzachen(then it'll be days).

Smoke Generator

This provides a measure of visual obscurement and is thick enough to disperse laser fire reducing damage by half. Creative uses for this system abound and it works well with other espionage equipment such as camouflage units, smoke grenades, and infrared dampeners. If the enemy can't see you then he can't hit you and not being hit means you live a lot longer.

Heavy Armor and What Affects Them

Heavy armor and Mechanized armor, they're great but you might ask yourself when the fateful day comes where you fight against it, "What weapon systems do damage to Heavy and Mechanized armors?" Hopefully I'll clear everything up for you here. At the end I will even give a list of options that will protect you and against what weapons, after all we can't all have Flux Shields to protect against everything, no matter how hard we try.

How Weapons affect Heavy and Mechanized Battle Armors

This is just a list of what weapon types affect Heavy or Mechanized armor(armors with threshold 7 or greater, and this counts helmets, so yeah even the really cheap helmets are considered Heavy armor) instead of examples of each. Included will be a short description of what is meant by each type.

Standard Kinetic




Standard Laser

Impact Laser


Heavy Kinetic


Metal Gun


Protective Options

Here is a list of Armor options big and small that will minimize damage from the futuristic weapons of Battlelords of the 23rd Century. Not everything works against every weapon and many of these items are exclusive and work one at a time. For example you can only have generator active at a time though you can mount as many as possible on your armor, you'll use up a lot of space and spend a lot of money but you just might have something for everything.

Ablative Lining

Anti-Magnetic Generator

Anti-Plas Generator

Flux Shield

Force Shield

KE Shield

Magnetic Deflection Generator

Magnectic Disruptor