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The Universe is a BIG Place. Don't Panic!

These are places within the Battlelords Universe to which you can travel, hang out, do business, and die... From urban bars to space stations, from volcanic jungles to remote settlements, from fancy malls to Python mud wrestling arenas, indulge your desires

You may also add the sights, sounds, and smells of your discoveries here. But heed this warning: Sometimes Jacquarrious Phentari is searching for that special tidbit of info only you possess...

Here's a couple of Templates that might help you expand the Universe.
MGE, Services, Structures, Defenses Template
Interstellar Stock Market Trade Index Template

Galaxies, Sectors, Subsectors

  • The Draco Galaxy - includes 8 new megacorps, 3 new races, section about Scavs, the space salvage privateers, and information on over 130 worlds

Systems and Planets

  • Rapiris - Details about Hex 0525 of No Man's Land

Astrographical Features

Countries, States and Cities

Cities, Districts, Zones and Neighborhoods

Single Locations

Space Stations, Mines and Installations

Shops and Malls

Cafés, Bars, and Restaurants

Nightlife, Gambling, and Crime

Camps, Shooting Ranges, and Training Grounds

Government Buildings

Corporate Compounds, and Office Buildings

Apartments and Housing

Universities and Campuses

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