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In order to better serve our community we have setup this wiki to facilitate better sharing of information related to SSDC's products. Towards this aim we have setup several sections. This wiki is not just for Battlelords of the Twenty-Third Century and Blood Dawn, but for anything SSDC-related. A massive thanks to Christopher Amidon for a truckload of work on the wiki.

Newbie Guide

Battlelords is a great game, but there is a lot to learn when starting. The Newbie Guide is to help beginners to Battlelords and the d100 System get started quickly. The Newbie Guide contains tips and tricks for the beginner. Thanks to those that helped get this going... Ian W. Straughan, Matt "Wheels" Whelehan and Kevin Taufner.

Are you new to roleplaying entirely? These short (5-10 minute) audio files will explain everything. Thanks to Fear the Boot, a great RPG podcast, for creating these.

  1. Introduction
  2. What is an RPG?
  3. Why Play an RPG?
  4. Common Objections
  5. Getting Started
  6. The Language of RPGs
  7. It Takes All Kinds


One thing that Battlelords players and Battle Masters have been looking for is a large collection of good modules. So we've created the ModuleWiki to help solve this problem! Here we have setup some guidelines for creating a module. Anyone is free to create a module provided you follow the structure we have laid out. In the future we may offer nicely printed versions of any of the modules the community has created in the ModuleWiki. To ensure the easy production of these printed versions and some consistency for users of the modules, whether online or in printed form, please adhere to the guidelines. Modules mean maps, so we have provided a collection of standard icons for our maps. We hope this is going to be a big hit with the community. Feel free to add modules and campaing settings to the Module Wiki, even if they are not complete, that is what the ModuleWiki is for!


Many people contribute to the Battlelords community, not just SSDC. You can find all kinds of links and other cool resources here like Fan Art and Novels and Stories.

The Universe

Investigate This Universe. Start with a basic overview, some history of the way things work--The Galactic Alliance, the mega-corporations, mercenaries, your paycheck. The Time of Reckoning is 2279. Then probe a little deeper. Check out Locations in the Universe. Interesting and dangerous mysteries abound. From urban bars to space stations, from volcanic jungles to remote settlements, from fancy malls to Python mud wrestling arenas. Share your discoveries here.

Equipment Expansion

This is the section for sharing any device your character might use, from guns to bombs to skimmers to ultra armor

Everyone's A Little Freaky

Find information about all the Battlelords' species here. There's an entire NPC Library filled with potential cannon fodder. There are sections for PC encounters of all kinds, from large terrorist networks, to quick random encounters. Plus you can add any species you've discovered during your assault on the Battlelords' universe. And don't forget the Obituaries. This is the place to log your most memorable character deaths. Splatter up!

Frequently Asked Questions (F.A.Q.)

Questions riddle the Battlelords' universe like bullets holes against a concrete bunker. This section attempts to answer some of them. The FAQ is a living document, and as such, we have moved our stogy, old FAQ documents to this Wiki (special thanks to Bob Lapham who moved much of the material). If you've got a question, search for it here, or post your own question; we'll try to answer it eventually. There's also a section for Errata, as we love making mistakes, and better yet, you pointing them out. Back by popular demand, there is also an Edition Guide to keep track of all the editions of our books.

Blood Dawn

Blood Dawn is a post apocalyptic roleplaying game where one bullet is worth two weeks of food.

Weapon System Specific Malfunction Tables