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How does the ModuleWiki work?

This is a place to create modules for Battlelords and Blood Dawn. We have created a module structure that we ask you to follow. If you follow this structure then we will not only have consistency to provide better sharing. You are free to use any module found here for personal use. If you are creating a module here, then it is available for anyone to use.

Module Library

These are modules that are complete and ready for use.

If you have an idea for a module, but cannot complete it then you an add it here and the community will help you finish it. Or you can come back later to complete the module yourself. Incomplete modules are marked as IN PROGRESS.

Modules are often structured in all kinds of ways. We have tried to maintain a consistent structure with all the modules here. This includes a summary page to help you see if this particular module is right for you. When you add your own modules or campaign settings please keep to the structure as best you can in order ot benefit the entire community.

Desired Modules

  • urban adventures
  • experienced pc adventures (250k+ xp)
  • colonization adventure (pre-colonization defense programs)

If you want even more modules you can find plenty more in the Battlelords Group.

Module Seeds

Haven't got a fully fleshed-out module, but a nice idea for a plot or a quick adventure "between missions"? Share your idea here - maybe someone will add further details, changing it into a full module later on.

Abbreviation Guide

The Module WIKI and NPC Library are filled with abbreviations and acronyms. This is a handy guide to catch you up on the abbreviated lingo.

Campaign Settings and Extras

These are a collection of settings and worlds to inspire your own modules.

Map Library

We have created maps for some of the modules. If you'd like to create your own maps here are some Suggested Map Tools.

NPC Library

If you need a few NPCs for a game, then come here and grab a handful. All modules in the ModuleWiki have NPC's listed here

You can also create NPCs on the fly with NPC Generator.

You may add your own NPCs to the NPC Library for the community to use. Follow the directions in the NPC Template to input your NPC into the library.

Random News

Hide vital mission clues in huge amounts of 'white noise'. Here you can find an index of short news soundbites to give additional flavor to your campaign. Share your own ideas for news here.