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Helpful Hints

  1. Please list alphabetically.
  2. It is very helpful to add XP awards, bonus XP awards, highlight new rules, BM hints/reminders, when skill/sighting checks are needed, throughout the modules; so add them to your own module, or if you want to add them to someone else's module go ahead!

Convention Tested!

Some modules have been extensively tested at gaming conventions. These modules are identified by the (CONVENTION TESTED!) tag at the end of a module description. If you're entering a module into the library that has been been tested at convention, please add the (CONVENTION TESTED!) tag to its description.

Modules in Alphabetical Order

If explanation is needed, then how the heck did you find your way here?

Modules by Difficulty Rating

The higher the rating, the harder the module.

Modules by Number of PCs Needed

Sometimes you've only got 2 PCs. Sometimes you've got 8 PCs. Find a module suitable for the number of players in your group.

Modules by PC Experience Range

Similar to "Difficulty Rating". The higher the experience range, the harder the module. This is another way to pick a module based on how much experience your PCs have earned.

Modules by "Real Time" Hours to Complete

If you know how long a gaming session you've got, you can pick a module to fill that time, from a few hours, to a whole lot more.

Campaign Settings and Extras

These are not fully fleshed out modules. These are a collection of settings and worlds to inspire your own modules.