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Welcome to the NPC Library!

Total NPCs listed: 143

If you're in the market for a Battlelords of the Twenty-Third Century NPC, this is your one stop shop . Browse NPC's by experience, module, occupation, or race. All modules in the ModuleWiki have NPC's listed here. Each NPC is linked to and from the individual modules for easy access.

If you are running your own game and need a few NPCs, these are free to use. Grab a few. Chew 'em up. Then come back for more.

You may add your own NPCs to the NPC Library for the community to use. Follow the directions in the NPC Template to input your NPC into the library.

You can also create NPCs on the fly with NPC Generator.

If you add an NPC, please add it to all applicable categories. If your NPC's name has already been used, add a number after it (Henry, Henry 1, Henry 2).

NPCs Needed

  • Female NPCs, all races, skills
  • Highly Experienced NPCs
  • Races with no NPCs (Furbl, Gemini, Ikrini, Jezzadeic Priest, Misha)

NPCs by Experience
Maybe you need an NPC that kicks some major @$$. Maybe you need to crush a piece of weak flesh beneath your crawler. Maybe you need something in between. NPC by Experience (XP) is the place to come if you're searching for an NPC based on @$$-kicking. The higher the experience, the stronger the NPC.

NPCs by Module
All NPCs appearing in a specific module are combined into one page for quick reference.

NPCs by Occupation
If you need an NPC for a specific job, this is the place to come.

NPCs by Race
If you need 20 Mutzachans for a Gravity Wave convention, this is the quickest place to look.

Fully Detailed NPCs
Sometimes you need that one NPC that already has weapons, armor, SMRs, descriptions, matricies, and more. Listed here, you'll find fully detailed NPCs, which could easily be used as PCs or pregenerated module characters.