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What are Roleplaying Games?

Storytelling is roleplaying! Someone tells a story. You play the part of a character in that story. So do your friends. The narrator takes you on an adventure, and you try to solve it. Roleplaying is like being in a movie, but a movie where you are the star, where you decide the plot, and where you achieve the outcome. The narrator unveils this plot bit by bit, leading you on a journey of discovery. Roleplaying builds and develops imagination in younger players, while keeping the creative skills in adults fresh. Dice add an element of "fate", "chance", or "luck". You should never get too caught up in the rules. Roleplaying is using your imagination to have fun.

What and Why a d100 System?

Battlelords of the Twenty-Third Century uses a d100 system, which means using percentile dice (essentially 2d10) for most rolls. This provides far more realism and variety than the traditional d20 based games. The d100 system allows for cool terms such as the double zod (00). The d100 system lends more excitement to the game, and allows us to offer an incredible variety of equipment statistics. The d100 system also allows for the "luck" roll - a roll of 01 is always successful and a roll of 00 is always a failure.

Getting Started

Helpful Hints

Terminology Guides

  • Abbreviation Guide - The Universe is filled with abbreviations and acronyms that can confuse the uninitiated. Over 400 entries already exist.
  • Glossary - It's a (insert naughty word of choice) huge Universe out there. How do we keep it all straight? It starts with this Glossary. Here you can find place names, famous NPCs, Mega-Corporation descriptions, stat definitions, slang terms used by the denizens of the Battlelords universe (as well as the authors of the books), and a whole lot more. Terminology links within the WIKI will often be redirected to this glossary. Feel free to add any terms, phrases, places, names, you feel needs a quick refresher definition.

Combat Questions

Quick Reference Sheets

A collection of reference sheets and other SSDC resources to increase speed of gaming and flesh out the system.