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Arth Brook, Orion, Died 6/11/2279: Died following a long illness, brought on by his ingestion of 13 pounds of toxic waste. Well known as the winner of several "You Wouldn't Eat THAT!" Tri-V contests.

The Bloody Legionnaires Party, Died 1/7/2279: The Blood Legionnaires thought they could await extraction from their precarious predicament! They each suffered only 1200 Heavy Points when they were evaporated by a small nuclear bomb!

Epratur-idan, Eridani, Died 6/13/2279: The brave and foolish Eridani was in the wrong place at the wrong time. He died bravely though, sword knocked from his hand. He defended the party's life by blocking the Black Eridani's sword with his heart! (Injection)

Growl, Ram Python, Died 8/25/2278: Saw a Sau-Bau and didn't run with the rest of his platoon. Remaining liquid was poured under his favorite tree!

He-Lar, Mutzachan, Died 4/29/2279: Took an involuntary bath in the lava of Mt. Tren, the largest active volcano on Sermine. No remains recovered. A memorial inscription was entered into the SSDC Deceased Employee data library. The data library now contains some 250,000 names and inscriptions commemorating those who served the company.

Jodiabahh-icon of the 23rd House of Eridani, Died 2/12/2278: "Rolled a Double Zodd" while attempting to jump between two skyscrapers 50 stories tall. He fell proudly recanting the Eridani Hymn of battle. He rolled a double Zodd and landed on his head, suffering 300 points of damage.

Ikant I'can, Orion Rogue professional Double ZERO Roller...failed to look before he rounded a corner, summarily trodding upon the long, trailing, polychromium-bound braids of an Eridani Allore`. He sent beads skittering all about the promenade deck as he tore the hair away from his golf cleats exclaiming, "Who's the taxi driver, and why did he leave his mat on the floor!?" His head joined the skittering beads soon thereafter. PS: Never call the BattleMaster fat when the carnage screen is up.