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Here's a collection of Quick Reference Sheets to make your gaming experience that much better. Thanks to all who have added.

  • After Action Report by Michael J. Casavant -- Created to add a dash of realism and simplify the the BM's task when writing up notes on the mission. This file includes an AAR format and is followed by a sample AAR for a Battlelords mission. It ain't over 'til the paperwork's done!
  • Combat Sequence flow chart: [1] by Ronaldo Nascimento -- A handy flow chart to keep the chaos of battle organized for a BM.
  • Expanded Character Sheet: [2] by Michael J. Casavant -- A set of seven customized character sheets, including an enhanced armor listing, mission logs, streamline combat sheet, and combat sheets customized for two vs. four arms and Eridani.
  • Matrix Quick Reference Sheet: [3] by Tom Javoroski -- A quick way to keep track of frequently used matricies and their costs and attributes.
  • NPC Tracker [4] -- With this handy sheet, you can keep track of up to four NPCs' armor and equipment.
  • PC & NPC (BattleGrid) Tracker: [5] by Ronaldo Nascimento Another sheet for organizing the chaos of Battle. Spots for PCs and Initiative help to keep things a little less hectic.

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