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How To Use

If you have a short news headline and story, just add it to the list. Even if it's just about the exploits of your own Battlelord's group (other Battlelords love to read about victories and catastrophes of their "colleagues"). All new entries will automatically receive an entry number.

Please don’t add stories and news that are just too ridiculous (like: 'Alliance Military experts attribute 33% of all deaths in the field to mysterious double-zod phenomenon. General Gar proposes closer examination and if possible intergalactic ban on any use of mysterious double-zod matrix power') or that change the fate of the Alliance (like: 'Phentari government fed up with Humans: Handwich War declared on all Alliance worlds').

If you want to use the random news index, just download it or print it. Then, roll d100 any time during your adventure session and read out the corresponding news story. If there are less than 100 entries to the index, roll a die with less values (like a d10 or d20) or just ignore results with no corresponding news story. If there are more than 100 entries, just mark off stories you already used, jumping to a story in the over-100-range whenever you hit a story you already used.

The News Index is a great tool to hide important mission clues in: As your PCs start to learn that not all news they hear directly relate to them and their mission (much like in real life) they get a more realistic attitude to headline news, whether they come from the TKSC (Terrestrial Knowledge Service Center), a printed newspaper, a holovid, radio, a billboard or flat TV. Every once in a while, you can pretend to roll a random news story, instead reading a predesigned clue or news story directly relating to the ongoing PC's mission.

List Of News Sources

Here is a quick list of some of the countless news channels and corporation and their abbreviation.

  • PVQwik - Newsboard of PVQ Communications, the giant of the Alliance entertainment world (see GU3 for details). Features mostly entertainment/celebrity news
  • NT - NewsTely, the press feed from TC3K Telydyne Communications 3000 (see GU3 for details). Fairly neutral if you can ignore the constant pro-Telydyne hype
  • GU(pi) - Newschannel from Galactic Underground Publishing (SSDC-controlled). See GU3 for details. The pi is depicted as the mathematical symbol (spells 'Guppy'. Very funny. Really. Believe us)
  • ZERO - Pirate News Feed from Channel 0 (see GU3 for details)
  • GNN - Galactic News Network – mostly neutral and dry, but sometimes overtly pro-megacorp intergalactic news channel
  • EotA - Eye On The Alliance - supposedly critical and investigative Human news feed
  • BWK - Bichal’wa Kanu (Fame, Fortune and Glory) - Orion news channel
  • DI.E – Dis Ishmiak (With Vision) Eridine - Eridani propaganda channel
  • NSHN – Night Stalker Headline News – News channel with strong dedication to Phentari and bounty hunter interests. Lots of crime stories.
  • GMS - Galactic Mega Star - glitzy fashion and fame magazine
  • MMMB – Madd Mike’s Mercenary Brochure. Nuff said
  • FOKS – Fornax Observer Knowledge Service. 24h Fornax news only. Human/Orion.
  • TSG – The Star Guardian (or just: Guardian). Intergalacticv news with strong focus on the Rim territories and Arachnid/Doltharian news
  • HDN – Home Defense Network. A free feed by concerned citizens. Basically: crap.
  • DUH – Dogorr Uth Harrakh (He Who Watches). Python newsfeed from homeworld.
  • IA – Inkhissh’Aa (Nightblade). Propaganda feed of the Phentari government.
  • FG – Freaky Galaxy. Orion special interest 'zine dedicated to all fringe groups (Major Group Encounters, Everybody’s A Little Bit Freaky Nonconformist Groups).
  • TP – The Patriot. Pro-Alliance, Anti-Rebel propaganda newsfeed.
  • BEY – Beyond. The SSDC megacorps propaganda feed. Features stories about fringe worlds and educational content.

Random News Index

  1. New Galactic Peace Index Proposed (GNN) A new Galactic Peace Index, to be researched by the Alliance Economist Intelligence Unit and to be based on over a hundred indicators of both interplanetary and domestic peacefulness, has been proposed by the Galactic President. Former efforts to set down general parameters on peacefulness or other cultural issues have been strongly opposed by the representatives of the Alliance races.
  2. Kickoff To Alliance Military Cyball Championships (MMMB) Now in its thirteenth year, the friendly battle between Alliance Trooper Units receives huge attention by the media and the public alike. General Gar states in openinng ceremony that the game demonstrates the Alliance Military’s commitment to providing opportunities to the youth on all Alliance worlds.
  3. Jimmy Slimmer Arrested (NSHN) Orion Drug baron hunted down by an Galctic Executioner for his much-hyped weight loss pill. Has to face charges for mass murder. Bounty of 120,000Cr canceled.
  4. GMC to sell FOKS to SSDC (BEY) Galactic Media Corp News Corporation announces plans to sell nine of its FOKS-affiliated stations in Hell’s Kitchen sector to SSDC. AMC protests met with little concern.
  5. Yummies Brand To Launch New Sales Promotion (FG) One free genetic scanning coupon from BioLife Corporation for each 10-pack of delicious Yummies is set to jolt snack sales and medicine, offering patients new insights - and new choices.
  6. Bomb On Shrine Kills 500 (TP) Another Black Monday bombing attack on one of the Moig Dua’s most holy shrines on Krytea has raised fears of another surge in terrorist violence.
  7. Alliance = Scrooged? (GNN) Alliance savers put more money in Galactic Bank depots last month than ever, with most of it thought to be savings fort he much-awaited upcoming release of the next-generation sport skimmer UberBlitzen of the Fritz Motor Consortium on New Munich according to analysts.
  8. President Of Caleon To Break Constitution? (EotA) Will Vezarram Aqit of Orion-dominated Caleon (Fornax, Shadow’s Rim) seek a third term as Caleon president? Caleon’s political world is abuzz with speculation – Is a civil war at hand?
  9. New Dnarian Policy Offends Alliance (EotA) Dnar countries were threatened with Galactic Court action for imposing undue red tape on off-world workers, intensifying the Alliance’s heated debate about free labour movement.
  10. Plague Crisis In Erectus Corporate Paramilitary (BEY) The 'rapid spread' of Red Bubonic Plague in the Erectus paramilitary forces has 'alarmed' several governments, according to the megacorps defence bureau.
  11. Cudda lizard causes parkway wreck (GUpi) Why did the lizard cross the road? We'll never know, but it sure caused one heck of an accident. A Mutzachan who swerved to avoid hitting the creature as it crawled across highway 44 on (planet the PCs are on or closest to) lost control of his Peregrine, crashed through a guardrail and tumbled down an embankment before the car flipped over onto its roof. Ram owner of Cudda lizard says that pet had right of way and sportscar was ugly anyway.
  12. EridiCorp demands PhentaCons pilots speak better Galactic (FOKS) Less than a tenth of PhentaCon’s freight, military and passenger pilots meet Alliance space travel regulations on hailing and proper identification, the Megacorps space transport regulator said Twosday, blaming PhentaCon for the recent rise in skirmishes between the two market rivals. PhentaCon stated a no-comment.
  13. Misha bone smuggling racket uncovered (ZERO) Police (on planet the PCs are on) have discovered a stash of hundreds of Misha skulls and bones and arrested a gang for allegedly smuggling them to the (insert local name of knewn black market bazar) for sale as luck charms.
  14. AMC wins contract to build ore on largest moon of (system the PCs are in or closest to) (GNN) The Asteroid Mining Consortium said on Foursday that its subsidiary, MoonMetal Inc., had signed a deal with planetary government to build ore and adjacent facilities on moon Tyredium. This ist he third pitch AMC has won over main competitor SSDC in system. SSDC suspects fraud and announces investigation.
  15. Mugger goes from robber to robbed (GUpi) A would-be Gen-Human thief went from predator to victim when he tried to mug an Orion skimmer taxi driver of (city the PCs are in or closest to) but ended up having his own wallet snatched instead.
  16. Planet disappeared (ZERO) One of the thirteen planets in the system of Neverond in the M-14 galaxy has disappeared. Fate of 300,000 Mutzachan settlers unknown. Council of Timar deny claims of secret Galactic X installation. Atlantean connection obvious.
  17. Rising numbers of news hoaxes worries Council (GNN) The Council of Timar expressed ist concern with the rising numbers of intentionally false headline news by media stations outside Alliance corporate control. New task force proposed to crack down on pirate station. ZERO anchorman Thaddeus McNoel calls task force initiative to be yet another effort to censor the press and suppress the truth.
  18. Telydyne pounds Rebel camp (MMMB) Telydyne sponsored heavy artillery pounded a Rebel camp on Faraway relentlessly in what could signal the start of a massive final assault against Freiberg-inspired extremist fighters holed up there for weeks.
  19. Noted Orion rocker openly shows his NAM sympathies (GMS) Bazzoka McJowell knows something about the fickleness of fame. That's why, after cashing in on the recent pro-military fashion hype - he's just now steering his career in a different direction. One "in which the music matters, not the glitter of being a rock star" as he puts it. McJowell has announced to be playing a live gig at the big NAM anti-war charity concert to take place next sunday on New Avalon
  20. Head-on bullet train crash kills hundreds (FG) 224 people have been killed and 22 injured in a head-on collision between a passenger skimmer train packed with commuters and a goods skimmer on Harper's World, Fornax. As both skimmer trains were of the 900 series of Telydyne, both were flying under the patented Remotilote(tm) traffic control system. Telydyne spokesman Alan Greebo has denied any possibility for a malfunction or design error of the system, suggesting ARM tempering instead.
  21. Eridani planet to become a democracy? (GNN) The royal governor of Eridani-controlled Katash-Ezu has released a policy paper on political reform which carried the distant prospect of full democracy in 2300, but drew criticism from Human democrats for falling short of promises made by planetary Chief Legislator Fakarr-Idan. Observers view chances for any further Eridani world to become a full democracy slim at best, fearing military intervention by Eridine forces as shown in several other cases. Unconfirmed rumors speculate that Katashean government may have contacted Human, Orion or even Phentari forces in an effort to ensure the planet's future independance.
  22. Mind Wars: Chatilian Research, Nanotech and the Alliance Military (EoA) Secret experiments were carried out by well-intentioned patriots working under the cover of security who tortured non-consenting sentients of various Alliance member races, then covered up the events. There was no transparency or outside accountability for what they did. The same kinds of people today authorize experiments and weapons testing, and in the absence of accountability, they too report only to themselves.
  23. Woman gets cash after brainwashing ordeal (EoA) A Llandurian business woman who underwent a mistreatment of debilitating brainwashing techniques in the 2250s and 2260s has ended her case against the Llandurian government, accepting an undisclosed amount of money. Cover-up by Galactic X suspected. No proof to be found.
  24. Alliance spends $88.3 billion on propaganda to brainwash children and sceptics (ZERO) the Alliance president's Politburo, acting under manipulatio of the Vision of Eight, is using a cartoon called “Reddy Riptide” to help induct the kiddies into the militaristic system. The "Reddy" cartoon features pictoral elements from Illuminati occultic lore. Red is also the color of the famed “Red Cross” of the Knights Templar which is intertwined with dragon (Python) symbology and red is of course symbolic of communism, today in a new and improved form, using corporatism as the engine of social and political restructuring.
  25. Galactic Police Combat Occult Secret Society (ZERO) Ken Darrow, member of the Orion delegation of the Galactic Senate, recently disclosed that he had been kidnapped by the Intergalaktische Geheimbund, a secret society that is part Human Mafia, part Orion street gang, with a little of the occult sprinkled in. “These guys are devil worshipers,” he said. “And no one knows what they want.”
  26. Robotizing Of The Alliance (ZERO) Do you have free will? You may think that is a stupid question. However, Chatilian scientists of the Catash academy on Hidao, Trafalgar, believe that free will does not exist. They state that all action is automatic at all times, that nothing can be credited to an individual's will, inner control, or volition. They say we became what we are by the process of evolution, and everything we do depends on material conditions. Heredity and environment determine our destiny. We have no real part in making ourselves what we are or what we will become.
  27. High command extends missions to rim and Xarian border territories (GNN) As Roann Drosal, defence secretary, confirmed today, the high command of the Alliance's military is extending all missions to the rim territories and into the Xarian border sectors. Also, an additional 150,000 space marines are to be posted along the Xarian Confederacy border in an effort to combat Rebel smuggeling operations in the area.
  28. Warmth, and a warning (GMS) In a rare address to the Dnarian government by a Beanese leader, Prime Minister Lornar pledged friendship with Dnar on Thursday, but also cautioned that the Alliance must match its past apologies for its wartime aggression with concrete actions.
  29. News On Pet Food Killings (GMS) Galactic Police investigators looking into the tainted pet food that killed at least 16 cudda lizards, sickened thousands more and led to a recall on 122 worlds have traced the problem to the bustling system of Tharneo. Tharneo is the home of the Anything Biologic Technology Development Corporation, a small agricultural products trader with strong business ties to Telydyne. Regulators say ABTDC was the source of the algae-infected kibble that had been distributed to major pet food suppliers in neighboring sectors. Although regulators are still investigating the matter, ABTDC is already yielding clues about how the kibble may have been contaminated. If proof is found that the highly poisonous Malthemnea Algae was intentionally blended into the kibble, it could be a huge setback for the agricultural trade between the Tharneo and Yeldreen, which is already battling a reputation for lax food safety standards.
  30. Alliance bombs settlement (EoA) At least 100 people have been killed in a Alliance military missile attack on an asteroid settlement complex in Pavandra, Fornax. It is the third reported Alliance military blunder in 26 hours. Independent observers said 1,700 people had died in an attack on a free trader headed for Yatang and an old people's pleasure cruiser over the moons of Sordelia, early on Monday morning. It said a further 113 civilians had been killed in an attack on an appartment bridge in Vizzu, Cathoon, on Sunday afternoon. Roann Drosal, defence secretary, admitted the bombings, but claimed that all targets were military in nature, as the targets destroyed were known installments of the ARM.
  31. Late Apology (BEY) Rebel leader Janxxon McBanes, on trial for his life, apologized on Monday to families of those killed by his separatist guerrillas and said he would work for peace if the court spared his life. PVQ Television showed McBanes, dressed in a brown bwal and matching grey jacket, speaking from a bullet-proof fluxshielded box on the first day of his trial for treason on the prison world of Elbatha. His voice was steady and he betrayed no signs of nervousness. The public had last seen him after his spectacular capture by special forces on Harper's World three months ago, when he was paraded, handcuffed, before the world's flag. He looked thinner on Monday, but alert and well.
  32. Inner Council Spurns Peace Proposal (ZERO) The Inner Council of Galactic President Hawes rejected on Sunday a proposal by two influential Zen senators that would require the President to plan for a possible complete withdrawal from the Motaran Rift and the border sectors to both the Xarian and Adronian terrritories.
  33. Balshrom To Announce Next Generation Plasma Cannon (GNN) As Balshrom spokesman Charles Dunhill stated today, Balshrom will hold the presentation of its new 'Mars-7' pulse rifle on the Human world of Mars on Sunday.
  34. Winner Of World Lottery Dies In Freak Skimmer Accident (BEY) Zarah Fourteen-Sixtyseven, Gen-Human winner of last week's great World Lottery, will never set foot on her own world of Ganeshda. She died in a tragic accident while leaving the Estrelinski Luxury Hotel on Neuenhafen when a skimmer hit her while she was crossing the street. The skimmer was running on autopilot. Planetary investigators think that the system had been tampered with.
  35. Galactic Trade Organization settles rice dispute (TP) An historic agreement allowing Gen-Human separatist Freehaven to export more than 1,800,000 metric tonnes of rice every year to neighboring Pro-Human New Dallas has been announced by the Galactic Minister for Trade, Russ Warwick, and the Draco Minister for Agriculture, Fisheries and Forestry, Pharreon Nooba.
  36. Celebs Dress for Court, not Carpet (TSG) Ryhaan'Aarws attire and attitude walking into the courtroom was a far cry from her otherwise chic style of prints and color. However, it seemed appropriate to plead guilt to charges at the courthouse on Casprin, Draco. With ex-mercenary partner Joel Makintyre giving the graceful celebutante a helping hand, Ryhaan'Aarws channeled her seemingly more mature, and maternal, instincts to face the judge. After police found the Fenib on the wrong side of the highway, they say Ryha admitted to taking painkiller BRI beforehand. The former Cizerack star scout was sentenced to four days in jail and three years' probation. Observers doubt that Ryha will be able to overcome her serious BRI addiction.
  37. Skimmer explodes on Hell's Point, killing 20 (FOKS) A Dryeer Skimmer van exploded yesterday in a Phentari meat market on Hell's Point, Harper's World, killing at least twenty people. First investigations point to a new, ultraviolent Human terrorist group named NO!FOOD which is suspected to have ties with the ARM.
  38. Dreammaker Dryar Drenel dies at 132 (TSG) Chatilian director Dryar Drenel, an iconoclastic maker of direct neurofeed dream crystals for Dreamscape Entertainment, widely regarded as one of the great masters of modern entertainment media, died Tuesday, the president of his foundation said. He was 132. "It's an unbelievable loss for his people, but even more so for the whole of the Alliance," Cathil Dynam, president of The Drenel Foundation, which administers the directors' archives, told TSG. Drenel died at his home in Larkham, Dynam said. A cause of death was not immediately available.
  39. Committee revokes Yüennmherrän's benefits (TP) A Telydyne mega-corporate committee voted unanimously Monday to revoke the privileges of disgraced former R&D Fornax president Yüennmherrän, who signed a plea bargain in June admitting he sexually harassed several female employees.
  40. GPF tries to go after Silk Lambs linked mansion (GNN) G.B.I. prosecutors have initiated an attempt to seize property that may belong to Silk Lamb tycoon Corween Delacrux, a fierce critic of the Orion Trade Cartel, including a luxurious mansion on Bonaparte, court officials said on Monday.
  41. Tenthousands blame Mulligan admin for crash (EotA) More than 50,000 teary-eyed sentients marched Sunday to the site of a spaceplane crash that killed 3,789 people, blaming the administration for the space station's deadliest astronavigation disaster.
  42. Ivory burns arms, celebrates peace (ZERO) Alliance chief negotiator Namakh Akum made his first visit to the former rebel stronghold of Ivory since a peace deal five months ago. Observers say that the planet's citizens have not only laid down their arms, but that they have broken all ties with military groups, even shutting down the Balshrom plant that was only opened 144-2278. Ivory's Balshrom speaker Nyrad-idan did not comment on rumors that the mega-corporation is currently hiring mercenaries to defend the installations against NAM terrorists known to operate in the region.
  43. Gawendish economy booms, but governor unpopular (FOKS) Iris Drazel took over the presidency last year eager to redeem herself after her disastrous first term in the 2260s left Gawendish nearly bankrupt and mired in hyperinflation. With the economy now vibrant, her legacy would seem on well on the road to recovery.
  44. Nominee hearings held (FOKS) (Planet the PCs are on or closest industrialized world) Atty. Gen.-nominee Naroon Deplyss' first day of confirmation hearings went smoothly, as the retired high judge told a Senate panel that he disapproved of the more controversial interrogation practices backed by his predecessor, Allarro Glevendale. But in a testy second day of hearings, Deplyss frustrated his opponents by refusing to discuss the legality of specific interrogation techniques. What's next: Senate aides said they expect a vote on Deplyss by the end of the month.
  45. Fat news! (ZERO) Your fat ass won't make you sick, but it will probably prevent you from getting better. Fatter rear ends are causing many drug injections to miss their mark, requiring longer needles or stronger injectors to reach buttock muscle, Galactic BioDyne researchers said on Threesday. GBD now offers a brand new selection of customizable needles and injectors clearly marked for everything between whimpy Zen and fat-ass Ram.
  46. Shock! (FG) Finally, a shocking revelation. Former emperor of Ecopunk Chael Kson's ex-wife Loola Doola has revealed to an Aedronian newspaper that he is not the father of their hatchlings Chael Jr and Prysss
  47. Still nothing on (ZERO) Orion guy on Haper's World has 180,000 channels from 42 satellite dishes. Complains that nothing good to watch is on. The last time he counted, he received more than 180,000 channels. He has stopped counting since. Now, he picks up long-gone stations from extinguished species who nuked themselves before letting the Arachnids have their fun. Soon, he plans to add a 45th dish to his collection, he said. He may later get a “fancy” satellite dish that is basically like all dishes of the known universe in one. The Sheustrons are still haggling about the price, though.