The Universe

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An Introduction to the Universe

The Time of Reckoning is 2279...

The Alliance Races

The universe is filled with strange species. Here is a list of the major sentient species found within Alliance Space.

The Zenax Races

Dare to travel through the Motaran Rift and still greater strangeness awaits. Here is a list and description of the Zenax Galaxy sentient species.

Locations in the Universe

These are places within the Battlelords Universe to which you can travel, hang out, do business, and die... From urban bars to space stations, from volcanic jungles to remote settlements, from fancy malls to Python mud wrestling arenas, indulge your desires. Share your discoveries here.

Major (and Minor) Group Encounters

Terrorist groups, political parties, trade federations, cults, and factions. Share your ideas for MGEs here.


The powers of the mind can be great. Anything to do with matrices can be found inside.


Who Really Runs the Universe?


When your Battle Master attacks you in the middle of the night, on a Tech Level 2 planet, you may be left with nothing but your skills. Check here for skill additions.

Uncle Ernie's Shop

Uncle Ernie is the biggest supplier of nasty beasts. Need a few civilians killed, or a distraction while you rob a bank? Stop by and buy one now.